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Are you looking to start a new career in the in-demand field of digital marketing? Are you trying to access new opportunities within your workplace?.
Cumberland College strives to equip each student with the skills, tools, and expertise they need to succeed. Our courses are taught by industry professionals and designed with your career success in mind. Our graduates gain real-world skills and experience. Through hands-on practice and expert guidance, you will be ready to launch a successful digital marketing career and explore new opportunities in this exciting, ever-changing field.

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What You Will Learn

Google Analytics

An in-depth understanding of analytics will allow you to pinpoint areas of success and improvement in a digital marketing campaign and optimize accordingly.

Digital Advertising

From search engine advertising to social media ads, understanding how to create effective paid advertising campaigns is crucial to the online visibility of any business.

Search Engine Optimization

An effective SEO strategy based on search algorithm expertise and SEO best practices is critical for improving a website’s organic search ranking.

Social Media Marketing

With billions of social media users worldwide, social media marketing is essential for raising brand awareness, connecting with consumers, and generating new customers.

Web Design

Expectations for a well-designed, user-friendly website have never been higher, making the appearance and functionality of a business’s website an integral part of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategies enable companies to reach new audiences, convert consumers to customers, and establish an online presence.