4 Steps to Building a Seamless Workflow With Corporate Training in Montreal

Running a business is about connecting your brand to your customers and incorporating the many marketing channels open to you. Email is one of the best ways to engage your target audience and nurture leads down the funnel. From collecting feedback and surveys to generating traffic to your site, email marketing allows you to provide personalized content to reach the right people at the right time. 

A well-designed email workflow is the best way to make the most of this channel. An email workflow is a series of automated emails that are sent to subscribers. This process saves businesses time and energy while keeping their subscribers continually up to date with their brand. With corporate training at Cumberland College, your team can learn how to streamline email workflows to promote engagement at every stage of the customer journey. Here’s a peek at how to create a seamless workflow.

Determining the Goal of Email Campaigns With Professional Development Training in Digital Marketing

A good workflow starts with identifying the goals of your company’s marketing strategy and, more specifically, what it wants to achieve with its emails. When your team understands the reason for contacting customers by email—whether to get them to make a purchase or simply learn more about the business—they can craft a message that will meet them at the right stage in their customer journey.

With clearly defined goals for email workflows, your team can focus on creating consistency in style using elements of your brand identity. With email content that is recognizable, your customers will be able to develop a stronger association with your brand.

As part of their professional development training in digital marketing at Cumberland College, your team can learn to create workflows and email campaigns with dynamic and personalized content. Whether you’re a small business or multinational corporation, with marketing automation courses, your team will be ready to design automated workflows that are aligned with the goals of your business.

professional development training in digital marketing
Your team will learn to identify the goals of an email campaign while designing a workflow after corporate training in Montreal

Setting Enrollment Criteria

Along with identifying the goals of the workflow, your team should also determine the right contacts to be included in the workflow. Depending on the customers your company is trying to engage with, an automated email workflow can be used to welcome new subscribers, announce new products, send reminders for events and more. 

The best way to ensure that your team is reaching all the right contacts is for them to set up enrollment triggers for automated workflows. For example, a contact may sign up for your newsletter, download a link on your website, make a purchase or read your blog. Depending on their specific action, your team can deliver a workflow that meets them at the right stage in their journey. From there, they’re well on your way to nurturing leads into customers.

corporate training in Montreal
Set enrollment triggers to reach new customers with your email workflow

Creating a Schedule for Emails

The timing of the workflow is an important factor to consider, since your team will want to schedule emails in a way that makes customers and leads more likely to engage with content. Adding a time delay between emails will give contacts enough time to interact with each message, rather than overloading them with information in a quick succession of emails.  Generally, it’s a good idea to wait at least a couple of days between messages. For example, your team might send a welcome email and then schedule emails with information on upcoming events, which are sent out at later dates.

Testing and Measuring Workflows 

To optimize email workflows, be sure that your team checks your email automation setup regularly and tracks the performance of each campaign. Part of analyzing your company’s email workflows will involve creating customized reports and dashboards to gather data. From there, your team will learn how to create and configure goals for optimizing the workflow. Doing so will help your team build a more efficient workflow while ensuring that they are consistently directing the email campaign towards achieving your business goals.

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