3 Basic HTML Concepts That Can Make a Big Difference to Your Digital Marketing Career

As a digital marketing professional, you should be familiar with HTML. Short for HyperText Markup Language, HTML is the markup language most commonly and typically used by websites. Using HTML, we can format images and text to appear in an organized, meaningful way on our web pages. 

HTML, when used effectively, can help digital marketers improve search engine optimization (SEO), make design more efficient and appealing, improve accessibility, and refine usability and user experience. There are some basic HTML concepts that digital marketers should master to help them make their web pages perform better. Here are a few examples.

After Digital Marketing School, Remember to Optimize Your H1 Tags

Not all text on a web page should be formatted in the same way. Within HTML web pages, there are tags that formatters and designers use to foster a hierarchy of importance. At the top of the page, the “<title>” tag is used to designate the page’s first title. After this, the heading tags come in. These headings help to catch readers’ attention and make the web page more organized. They are also useful for search engine optimization.

Heading tags are defined by six distinct levels, from “<h1>” all the way through to “<h6>”. For the purpose of optimizing web pages for digital marketing, the tag that will be most important is “<h1>”. There should only be one of these per page, at the top, and they are used to communicate to search engines that the text within them is highly important. If you’re looking for a place to add keywords for ranking purposes for the web page, <h1> tags can be a good place to do it.

Use Open Graph Meta Tags to Improve Social Media Click-Throughs 

Open Graph meta tags sound like advanced exercises in HTML formatting, but the idea behind them is very simple. After digital marketing school, you should be able to easily implement these tags within your web pages. Open Graph meta tags communicate details to the web browser. They format how different social media platforms display previews of web pages when links are included in a post.

Open Graph meta tags can be used to improve how your web pages appear on social media

Anyone who has used platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn has seen how pictures and titles pop up when links are posted to social media feeds. The most effective digital marketing professionals know how to manipulate the way this information shows up to their advantage. Generally, the information in the <title> tag of a web page will be used for the social media preview title. However, different titles can be selected using the “og:title” attribute. A short description can be displayed under the title using the “og:description” attribute. Lastly, an image you want to be displayed can be selected by using the “og:image” attribute.

Hone Your Meta Descriptions to Make Your Websites More Enticing 

The meta description is a concept that should be mastered by any professional with a digital marketing career. Meta descriptions are short, 160-character sentences that don’t appear on the web page itself. Instead, they are used to communicate a summary of the web page to search engines. The search engine places the meta description underneath the page title when your web page appears in search results. 

Meta descriptions should summarize your web page effectively and appealingly

Technically, meta descriptions are not used to elevate a page’s ranking on search engines. Nonetheless, it’s important that they’re effectively optimized. These short phrases are the first things users see when deciding whether to visit your web page. They should be interesting and enticing, helping users understand what your web page is, and why they should visit it. 

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