3 Digital Marketing Trends for You to Incorporate This Spring After Digital Advertising Training

Digital marketing, by nature, is a field that’s constantly transforming, shaped by advancing technologies, changing user preferences and the latest consumer trends. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the digital marketing field, it will be your job to stay on top of the exciting changes coming to the industry, incorporating them into the strategies and campaigns you develop. After completing a training program at Cumberland College, you’ll be equipped with a cutting-edge skill set, preparing you to identify and adapt to the latest trends in this ever-changing field. 

Here, discover some of the most prominent digital marketing trends you can use to appeal to your target audience this spring. When you integrate some or all of these new trends, you can freshen up your organization’s approach to marketing in time for the changing of the seasons.

After Digital Marketing Training, Incorporate Short Videos Into Your Efforts

With the emergence of platforms like TikTok and video-related features like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, it’s no secret that the short-form video marketing trend is growing. After completing your digital marketing training, incorporating more videos into your content can help you connect with your audience by boosting engagement. Videos are a great way to tell your brand’s story in an entertaining and digestible way. What’s more, videos are visual content, making them more likely to be remembered by users. By producing shorter videos that are both concise and interesting, you can enhance retention rates, catching the attention of users and educating them about your brand and values. This spring, make sure that your marketing campaigns incorporate video content in order to boost revenue.

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Personalization and Automation Are Set to Increase

The potential for personalization within marketing is increasing, and in 2022, more organizations are adopting technologies that enable them to reach and communicate with customers accurately and more efficiently. There are countless possibilities for marketers to employ, but examples include highly intelligent chatbots, customized product or service recommendations and more. Similarly, the implementation of automation into marketing strategies this spring is a great way to create an improved prospect nurturing process without devoting extensive resources to your efforts. Automating email workflows, social media posts and more can all save organizations valuable time and funds, while allowing employees to put their efforts into other areas of improvement.

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Digital Storytelling Techniques Will Be Key

Today, customers want more than just the product or service that a brand offers. After completing your digital advertising training, you’ll see that in 2022, more and more customers will expect to know the identity of the brand they’re buying from. As transparency and trust become more important in the buyer/business relationship, digital marketing is being used as a way to tell a brand’s story, sharing with potential customers its values, mission, history and stories. This form of “digital storytelling” is often viewed as more authentic, encouraging customers to engage with brands on digital channels and eventually purchase their services or products. When creating a digital marketing strategy, think of stories that demonstrate your brand’s personality. Telling these stories through the content you share on social media can help to position your brand as a unique and trustworthy option. 

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