3 Reasons Why Facebook Marketing Is a Must for Students in Social Media Advertising Courses

Taking advantage of Facebook marketing can prove to be a huge benefit to any business. With 1.56 billion daily active users, Facebook has become a social influence hub for many demographics. Many people spend a chunk of their waking hours deeply immersed in this social network, and this high traffic can influence a brand’s referrals, brand awareness, customer relationships, and more.

Not every business takes advantage of Facebook marketing like they should. If you’re in a social media advertising course, you will want to become an expert on the benefits of Facebook marketing and how it can help basically any client’s business. What better way to market your business than bring it directly to the place your customers spend their time? Read on to learn three reasons why Facebook marketing is a must!

1. Reach a Wider Audience Over Many Demographics

Facebook offers advertisers a user base unlike any other. Boasting more users than any other platform, Facebook doesn’t only span a high volume of people, but it also spans across many demographics. This can be a huge advantage for businesses as they search to find their ideal audiences.

In your social media advertising courses, you’ll learn how to create defined target audiences based on the business’s goals. From here, you can optimize Facebook ad campaigns to reach these individuals and increase conversions. No matter the stage of their engagement journey, Facebook offers the ability to use ads in different formats to bring awareness to consumers and funnel them into further consideration and action.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach more targeted audiences based on consumer profiles

2. Easily Use Inbound Strategy to Relate to Your Audience

An inbound marketing strategy is commonly used to center ad campaigns around simply being helpful and relatable to the target audience. In order to implement an inbound strategy, you have to understand your customer and their goals, and how you can partner with them to help them overcome their challenges.

Facebook offers tools that let the business cater to the needs of their audience by forming authentic relationships with them. Creating and distributing targeted content is made easy through Facebook marketing, increasing the amount of helpful content reaching your users. Direct communication between sales departments and customers is a great way to build interest in a brand and increase brand awareness. This personal level of interaction with potential customers ensures your marketing efforts aren’t spammy or deceiving.

Learn Facebook marketing best practices after your social media advertising courses to better relate to your audience

3. Measure Your Performance After Your Social Media Marketing Course

Your social media marketing course will cover how to measure ROI from social media ad campaigns, and Facebook’s extensive set of reporting metrics will be helpful for you to track the performance of your ads. The metrics available will depend on the ad format, but will include measurements such as reach, ad engagements, conversions, and revenue.

In order to track important metrics with Facebook marketing, you just need to download the Facebook pixel on your site. Instead of relying on a third party platform to track and report conversion metrics, Facebook relies on its pixel to optimize campaigns automatically, locking in content directed at specific user profiles. With Facebook acting as your marketing partner, you will attract profiles that are converting best while continuing to expand your reach by serving ads to a wider audience. 

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