3 Risk Management Strategies Your Team Can Use After Cybersecurity Corporate Training

Risk management involves identifying risks and strategizing to eliminate or reduce those risks. With the world being in the digital age and many interactions and processes for businesses done on the cloud or digitally, it is imperative to have effective cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is not new, although, with the evolution of hackers and other threats constantly ready to take advantage of any opportunity, businesses must have clear and effective risk management strategies in place.

If you’re considering corporate cybersecurity training for your team, read on to learn a few risk management strategies that could help your business.

1. Keeping Networks Secure After Cybersecurity Training

Network security is a cornerstone of cybersecurity and will be covered significantly during corporate training in cybersecurity. One aspect of network security that can be implemented by your team to improve network security is isolating confidential information. This is done by restricting information access to certain users of the company. Only network users that are authenticated can access critical information on the network. An example of this, which can be implemented by your team to improve network security, is using a Zero Trust Security network model. This is a dynamic system which constantly analyzes the trust levels of each user every time they request access to confidential information on the network. This analysis of trust is done through principles of micro-segmentation and multi-factor authentication. During corporate training, your team will learn to implement systems and tools like this to improve the network security of your company and reduce the risk of data being stolen. 

Cybersecurity training will teach you team to control network access to help identify and mitigate risks.

2. Completing Validation Tests and Checking Security Guarantees

Validation security involves testing that the cybersecurity measures your team puts in place will protect your company against threats if and when they occur. Validation testing will be done by your team regularly to ensure security is high. During cybersecurity training, your team will learn how to conduct validation testing. They will learn how to validate the cybersecurity systems currently in place at your company utilizing network penetration testing tools that can provide information about weaknesses, including where they are and how they can be fixed. For example, your team can use penetration testing tools to attack your network, uncovering any weaknesses. If the tool does break through, it will tell your team where the weaknesses are, and they can be fixed. This helps reduce the risk of network breaches.

Cybersecurity corporate training helps prevent risks on your network.

3. Use a Cryptography Strategy To Protect Data

Cryptography involves encryption and decryption to protect information on your company’s network. Encryption involves scrambling data, so only team members with a cryptographic key can unscramble the encrypted data. A cryptographic key works similarly to a physical key in that it locks the data by encrypting it and unlocks or opens data by decrypting it. This is effective in protecting data that is travelling between users on your network and for data which you are storing. 

Your team will learn cryptography during their cybersecurity training to implement encryption and decryption on your network to protect your company’s data. Suppose your company has a server mainframe which stores important and classified documents. Should a hacker gain access to your company’s server mainframe and download the data there with the potential to expose it, implementing encryption on this data would make it difficult for them to understand it without the encryption key. This is an added layer of protection for important information in your company and helps avoid the risk of data being stolen.

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