3 Skills You’ll Need to Work in Marketing Automation in Your Digital Marketing Career

The need for digital marketers is rising as technology and digital solutions grow in popularity. Many companies are employing digital marketers to help them grow and understand their business, and expertise in marketing automation can make a big difference. 

Marketing automation specialists help companies improve their communication and sales productivity, optimizing marketing strategies as well as scaling marketing efforts and managing them across multiple channels. Understanding marketing automation can make you a desirable candidate for various digital marketing positions, so here’s a look at some of the skills you’ll need to get started! 

1. Applying Logical Thinking and Creativity in Your Digital Marketing Practice 

Working on marketing automation projects after digital marketing school will require technical proficiency and a logical mindset. In order to develop great marketing workflows, for instance, digital marketers have to think ahead and plan strategies in advance to ensure the best possible outcomes. With various pathways to choose from, deciding on an automation sequence takes a lot of attention to detail. 

Despite this technical-centric type of work, digital marketers still have the opportunity to highlight their own personal creativity. In marketing automation, this can be expressed through different tasks, like creating unique calls to action (CTAs), and working on dynamic web content or emails. In these areas and others, creativity can and should be utilized to catch people’s attention and foster more engagement.

Digital marketers can      showcase their creativity when working on dynamic content

2. Relying on Multitasking Skills to Manage Marketing Automation and Workflows

Marketing automation experts depend on their industry knowledge to craft and implement strong marketing campaigns. To produce successful results that allow businesses to meet their target goals, digital marketers use marketing automation      workflows—setting up automated campaigns as well as tracking and measuring key performance indicators. Through their work, marketing automation experts and digital marketers play a key role in optimizing the customer experience.

Keeping up with all of these marketing campaigns can be tricky, which makes multitasking an important skill to apply. Being able to track numerous automation sequences and changing project timelines to reflect new goals without losing sight of the task at hand can be difficult. Your digital marketing training will better prepare you for these responsibilities, giving you the necessary skills and experience to get more done in less time. A great tip is to organize your tasks and projects in a way that helps you quickly glean the information you need to plan ahead in your day. 

Digital marketers and marketing automation experts rely on data to create and manage campaigns

3. Using Data Analytics to Make an Impact in Your Digital Marketing Career

Through the detailed data analytics offered by marketing automation systems, digital marketers can create compelling campaigns that produce successful results with more confidence than ever before. As a marketing automation specialist, you’ll be relying on data and real-time analytics to optimize campaigns for maximum efficiency. Understanding data analytics and integration, as well as data integrity, can be valuable for digital marketers and marketing automation professionals—allowing them to make informed decisions that lead to great results.

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