4 Career Paths to Explore With a Digital Marketing Diploma in 2022

Building a career in the sphere of digital marketing will open up a number of opportunities for you across a broad field. Each different role in digital marketing requires the use of unique skill sets, and you will be able to choose a role based on your strengths and interests. Whether you are inspired by the creative forces that drive digital marketing, or you love the technical side of computing and analytics, there is a place for you to thrive in your new career.

Earning a diploma in digital marketing from Cumberland College will render you eligible for coordinator and specialist positions in up-and-coming digital fields. These include social media, e-commerce, digital media and more. Additionally, you’ll gain valuable skills that will equip you to work in marketing, advertising and public relations agencies. Continue reading to discover the types of roles you will be qualified for after you decide to pursue a diploma at Cumberland College.

1. Become a Social Media Coordinator After Digital Marketing Training

Digital marketing training at Cumberland College is designed with career success in mind. With practical experience applying new concepts, you will be ready to jump into your new career with confidence upon graduation. 

You may choose to enter a role as a social media coordinator, where you will utilize multiple social media platforms to build up brands, market products and services, and engage target audiences. Positive social media experiences increase the likelihood of buyer conversions, making this role an essential part of most marketing strategies. 

2. Understand Data Optimization as a Paid Media Analyst

Media analysts implement their knowledge of marketing campaigns and strategies to monitor results and recommend optimizations based on the company’s goals and current progress. Paid media analysts may analyze user engagement, as well as report on web traffic for all social media platforms in use. 

When you choose to pursue digital marketing courses at Cumberland College, you will gain experience developing ad campaigns for social media and search engines, defining real digital marketing strategies, and designing, coding, and testing quality websites. This breadth of knowledge will help you build a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of your company’s digital marketing goals, and will help you achieve those goals.

Digital marketing courses at Cumberland College will prepare you for a role as a paid media analyst

3. Use Your New Expertise to Become a Google Ads Specialist

Our unique program will have you drafting a Google Ad Set for a search campaign, as well as tracking and optimizing a campaign to maximize ROI. This firsthand experience with the same kinds of projects that you will likely encounter in the professional world will set you up for career success. 

Learn how to track and optimize Google Ads with the digital marketing program at Cumberland College

Google Ads specialists write ad copies, outline strategies, create and optimize campaigns, report on the performance of key metrics, and assess and adjust current campaign strategies. They manage profiles on Google Ads to ensure keywords and updates are tracked and accounted for.

4. Build Effective Marketing Strategies as an E-commerce Specialist 

E-commerce specialists are responsible for the design and implementation of an e-commerce strategy that promotes the products and services of online businesses with the use of all available marketing channels. 

When you choose our digital marketing program, you will acquire a multifaceted skill set as you navigate your practical assignments. You will be more than qualified to dip into an e-commerce specialization with a total of 900 hours of training over the course of 16 months. Get ready for a career filled with opportunities and growth when you graduate from our program with confidence and highly specialized skills.

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