4 Tips For Creating Effective Social Media Strategies After Social Media Marketing Training

Social media strategies are complex in today’s digital age, with a number of platforms to consider and a wide variety of options for each specific company. Depending on goals, company size, current social media presence, and more, each company will have different needs to be addressed through a comprehensive social media strategy.

The best way to identify what a social media presence needs is to check its current performance. By opting into a social media audit, a company can use the expert skills of social media specialists to analyze their current efforts, determine what is working for them, and point out what isn’t working. At Cumberland College in BC, we train professionals in digital marketing to be eligible for coordinator and specialist positions in in-demand digital fields—including social media, digital media, and more. Continue reading for our best tips on creating an effective social media strategy to use after your social media marketing training. 

1. Get to Know Your Audience as Best as Possible

As a social media specialist, you’ll need to get to know the audience that a company is trying to reach. This can include details about who they are, such as their age, their demographics, their job titles, their gender, their salaries, etc. When you get more details about the client and what they are looking for, then you can better cater to their needs and interests. Understanding the target audience is essential for any digital marketing strategy, especially involving social media with interactive platforms. When you earn your digital marketing diploma from Cumberland College, you’ll acquire the necessary skills to provide up-to-date recommendations for reaching the target audience based on the company’s needs on the constantly evolving social media platforms.

Learning how to know the audience well is an essential component of social media marketing training.

2. Select Themes for Your Social Media Posts

Using themes for social media posts can help organize the social media efforts and stick to the goals of the company’s social media presence. When a company can narrow down the relevant themes they desire to present on social media, they can ensure they have a good balance of posts that don’t over-market their products or feel forceful to the audience. Themes can vary from company to company and may include special deals, satisfied customer testimonials, advice for the relevant field, and more. Once you complete your social media marketing training, you’ll be able to identify the themes that best suit each client’s strategy for engaging the target audience. 

3. Create Valuable Content After Social Media Marketing Training

The main focus of every social media strategy is to revisit each piece of content and ensure that it provides great value to the customer. Sometimes value may come in the form of entertaining content, a fun fact, or a photo of someone enjoying or benefitting from a product. Other times, the value may come in the form of tips for those in the industry, information on the products offered, and more. With each batch of content that makes it through production, it’s always a good tip to double-check and make sure that every piece is providing the audience with value.

Revisiting content to make sure it provides value to the audience can help any social media strategy.

4. Connect with Your Following and Adjust Your Strategy

Finally, our last tip is to connect authentically with your audience. If users are engaging with your posts, using comment and share features, and taking time to interact with your accounts, it is important to genuinely engage with them in return. Social media traffic is important, and when customers or prospective customers take time out of their day to connect with a social media platform, they deserve a response from the account owner. This requires continuous upkeep of social media accounts, which helps with monitoring and assessing the strategy and continuously finding ways to improve it.

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