A Brief Guide to Paid Ads For Students in Digital Marketing Training

There are an estimated 5.1 billion active internet users around the world today. This impressive figure represents a massive digital market that is consistently being exploited by many savvy businesses. But there’s also a rapid influx of more businesses and their products online today, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for some of them to make their presence felt. In their quest to flip the coin in their favour, many of these businesses are embracing paid ads.

In this blog, we discuss the role of paid ads in digital marketing and explain how students in our digital marketing training program can leverage them for improved business outcomes.

How Does Paid Advertising Work?

Paid ads provide means to make your product or brand more visible online. It allows businesses to attract potential customers using advertorial slots on popular online platforms. To get these slots, these businesses must submit bids to the platform and have their bid accepted. This allows them to feature on the platform’s ad slot for users to explore and engage for possible conversion into sales, for example.

Run Paid Ads Campaign After Digital Marketing Training

Here are a few quick steps to creating and launching your paid ads campaign, as provided in our digital marketing training module.

Choose an Ad Platform

Your choice of platform should be informed by the type of audience you have in mind and the type of ad you have planned. Below are some of the most popular platforms where you can successfully run paid ads.

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Email
  • Pinterest
  • Tiktok 

Create Your Ad Campaign

In creating your paid ad campaign, you’ll need to consider how much you’re willing to spend, how long you plan to float the ad, and how much impact you desire for the ad. Other than that, you must strive to create a compelling and relatable ad that is consistent with the host platform’s advertising policy.

Our digital marketing courses provide insight into creating impactful ads.

Prepare to Launch Your Ad

During the bidding process, the platform you choose, say Google, will examine the bids for its advert slots based on specific parameters. As you’ll discover in our digital marketing courses, these parameters include relatability, keywords, and the strength of other SEO factors to ensure that the slot is not always sold to just the highest bidder.

If your bid is accepted, you’d be given a front-row slot whenever an internet user initiates a search term that matches your ad keyword. If your ad payment arrangement is PPC (pay-per-click), you’ll be charged each time a user clicks on your page.

Keep Track of Your Ad After Digital Marketing Training

With your ad up and running, you must monitor it closely to track its progress and performance.

During digital marketing training, you’ll learn how to track your ads to monitor their effectiveness.

Some platforms provide certain analytic tools like Google Analytics, for instance, to extract relevant consumer and traffic data. With these tools, you can discover how many clicks were converted to actual sales and then determine if your investment in ads is yielding the desired returns.

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