A Look at What LinkedIn Ads Are all About for Students Earning Their Digital Marketing Diploma

If you’re interested in digital marketing and have already started exploring the field, then you know about the importance of advertising to the right audience. LinkedIn advertising can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to cultivate and engage with their audience. Unlike Facebook or Google ads, LinkedIn ads appear in a more professional, business-oriented context—where the audience is likely looking to network, expand their skill set, or find solutions for their business.  

With that in mind, utilizing LinkedIn ads can help a business reach its goals, generating more brand awareness and engagement. Learning about LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager can add to your digital marketing background, particularly as more businesses begin exploring its potential. Let’s take a closer look at some key features of LinkedIn advertising!

A Quick Breakdown of Different LinkedIn Ad Options for Digital Marketers 

There are various types of LinkedIn ads, all of which feature different components that aim to produce specific results. For example, Sponsored Content can be used to promote your existing LinkedIn posts to a wider audience. LinkedIn also allows advertisers to create Sponsored Content from scratch—ads that appear as regular posts but are not published on the advertiser’s LinkedIn page. By using the LinkedIn Audience Network, digital marketers can increase the exposure of a LinkedIn ad, targeting their audience through a larger network of apps and websites. 

Throughout the campaign-making process, digital marketers are able to customize their ads to produce their desired impact. In addition to sponsored ads, digital marketers can craft Text (appearing as a banner with a short headline and blurb) or Dynamic Ads (appearing as text ads that are tailored to reflect the viewer’s profile information). The option to create Message and Conversation Ads is also available, making it easier to reach a specific target audience through the LinkedIn Messaging  system. Knowing the different types of LinkedIn advertisements can help you create more impactful campaigns that generate better engagement.

Using LinkedIn ads can help digital marketers reach new audiences and generate better engagement

How to Use LinkedIn Advertising in Your Digital Marketing Career 

The first step in creating a LinkedIn ad is creating an account in  Campaign Manager. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to select your advertisement’s objectives and format. You’ll also be able to set up audience targeting parameters, which could include geographical location, language use, education, and job experience—to name a few attributes. It could be a good idea to explore LinkedIn’s Audience Expansion feature, which enables marketers to reach more viewers based on similar attributes. 

Knowing how to make the most of LinkedIn ads can help those with digital marketing careers generate quick and effective results. Along with setting up budgets and campaign schedules, digital marketers can also track conversions—tracking the engagement and behaviour of visitors who land on the company’s website after clicking the LinkedIn ad. For even better results, digital marketers can optimize the performance of an ad by making adjustments based on the data found in the Campaign Manager’s Performance Chart. 

Notable Tips to Remember When Using LinkedIn Advertising 

Your first foray into LinkedIn advertising can be overwhelming, but your digital marketing diploma will give you a strong background in different types of advertising to help make the process smoother. Knowing these differences can help you accurately match your campaign to the proper target audience and their corresponding position in the marketing funnel. For instance, direct message ads can be more effective on individuals who are further down the marketing funnel and who are more familiar with your company and its products or services. 

Creating the perfect LinkedIn ad takes time and effort. Digital marketers should try to test their campaigns before launching them, checking the overall cohesiveness of the ad as well as the inclusion of a clear call to action (CTA). 

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