Automating Content Marketing After Marketing Automation Training

Content has become an integral part of any business’s marketing strategy, but it involves more than having a company blog or a YouTube channel. Effective content marketing consists of many moving parts. Not only do marketers need to create valuable, quality content, but it also needs to be both personalized and carefully timed in order to motivate its audience to act. Not to mention, content must be shared across multiple social media platforms. 

So how does a business keep up with the demands of an effective content marketing strategy in order to maintain a competitive edge? The answer lies in content marketing automation. When you build the skills to effectively automate marketing content with training at Cumberland College, you’ll be able to pursue a lucrative career developing automated campaigns for businesses. Keep reading to learn more about what content marketing automation is, what can be automated and the benefits of automation.

What is Content Marketing Automation? 

Many content marketing tasks, including sending emails, posting on social media, and uploading blog posts, are repetitive. This means that by leveraging technology, these tasks can be outsourced to software tools and apps. This way, teams can use the time and energy they might have ordinarily used scheduling posts and sending out emails to carry out other business-enhancing activities. The greatest benefit of content marketing automation is that it can be used at any phase of the marketing process to increase the ROI of a content strategy. During digital marketing automation training, you’ll become familiar with how to build automated campaigns, maximizing the benefits of key automation tools. With these skills, you’ll be a valuable asset to any team.

Managing company contacts and automating social media are just a few valuable skills you can learn in marketing automation training.

How Do You Decide What to Automate?

As mentioned, repetitive tasks are best suited for automation. For example, instead of manually sending out emails to thousands of prospects and customers, you can schedule email blasts, saving time and resources. Automation might also look like dividing your audience into different groups with the use of a segmentation tool. This way, you can tailor emails to the specific preferences and needs of each segment of your audience, sending out personalized content that appeals to them. In addition, you can schedule and automate social media or blog posts, timing them strategically based on peak usage periods. To easily determine whether your strategies are effective, you can also automate your approach to analytics, getting a clear picture of a business’s performance on a comprehensive dashboard rather than manually analyzing data. In a marketing automation course, you’ll learn about even more content tasks which can be automated. 

Emails are one of many content marketing tasks you can automate after marketing automation training.

Learn to Increase a Company’s Content ROI With Marketing Automation Training

There are many highly useful tools for content automation, such as Zapier for workflow automation, ActiveCampaign for email campaigns, CoSchedule for social media posts, and of course, Hubspot for all of the above. However, learning how to tailor an automated campaign to suit a company’s unique needs is a highly valuable skill, as is knowing how to maximize the benefits of these automation tools. In our Marketing Automation Course at Cumberland College,  you’ll learn how to create automated workflows, marketing campaigns, user journey maps for company sites and more. With these skills, you’ll be able to significantly increase a business’ content ROI, allowing you to stand out among competitors for careers in the field.

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