Considering a Digital Marketing Career? Explore a Business Intelligence Coordinator Role

The current scope for digital marketing is expanding massively across the business value chain. And one fundamental grasp of its growing influence is the focus on “data” and how it can shape a business’s operations. 

If you want a career in digital marketing and are excited by the prospect of managing data, then you should be looking at a Business Intelligence (BI) Coordinator role. In addition, to help you launch your BI Coordinator career journey, the Digital Marketing program at Cumberland College can set you on the right track. Read on to learn more about this career path.

What Is a Business Intelligence Coordinator

A Business Intelligence Coordinator collects, analyzes, and interprets data from several sources around a business’s operational space to make well-informed business decisions. Their work demands that they continuously source for and analyze the data behind every operation across a business’s value chain. And it is only after careful analysis of this data that they can make crucial recommendations to the relevant stakeholders on what directions the business should take and decisions to make to ensure the company is successful.

Female business intelligence coordinator smiles as she is about to make crucial recommendations to stakeholders in her digital marketing career
Our digital marketing training will equip you to make crucial recommendations to stakeholders as a BI coordinator

Responsibilities of a Business Intelligence Coordinator After Digital Marketing Training

Business Intelligence Coordinators pick up important skills and knowledge resources during digital marketing training. There, they learn best practices in the collection and analysis of data to enable well-informed decision-making and drive general organizational performance across key operational areas. This knowledge can help them identify gaps in the business that need to be addressed and opportunities in the market.

When performing their responsibilities on a day-to-day basis, Business Intelligence Coordinators typically draw insights from their digital marketing training. A key part of their daily duties involves monitoring, gathering, and analyzing data on sales, revenue, competition, and customer behaviour. To successfully execute this task, Business Intelligence Coordinators can rely on their knowledge of digital marketing analytics and digital marketing strategy gained during their training.

Business Intelligence Coordinators must also regularly consult and collaborate with work teams, management, and relevant stakeholders, using their collaboration and communication skills to understand, build, and retain a customer base.

Their primary duty is to make data-driven recommendations that can help optimize performance across various operational areas in an organization. Their skills put them in the best position to seamlessly execute these responsibilities.

Male business intelligence coordinator working in an office during his digital marketing career
Studying in our digital marketing courses is your first step to becoming a BI coordinator

How Digital Marketing Courses Can Prepare You to Thrive as a Business Intelligence Coordinator

Throughout your digital marketing career as a Business Intelligence Coordinator, you must carry out specific organizational tasks that require practical skills and resources. These tasks will border on the visualization and analysis of data from varied sources to provide key insights and direction on running a business. You’ll also need to deploy soft skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration, and negotiation skills to accomplish the tasks. 

Since most of your work will involve making sense of data, technical skills like data and statistical analysis, data modelling, marketing automation, and programming are necessary. Cumberland College’s Digital Marketing Program can be instrumental in equipping you with the full suite of hard and soft skills required for success in the position. 

Our curriculum, available in English and French, covers a wide range of digital marketing topics, from analytics to paid advertising and search engine optimization, to help you develop a diverse skill set and become a successful marketing professional. With no more than 20 hours of classroom time per week, the curriculum has 900 tuition hours over 16 months.

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