Considering Digital Marketing Training? What You Need to Know About Job Placement After Graduation

If you’re considering training for a career in digital marketing, you might be wondering about your job prospects in the field upon graduation. Will your training qualify you for a successful career in digital marketing? Will you have opportunities to network with different marketing organizations? 

Today, we’re speaking with Patrick Golding, a member of the Career Services team at Cumberland College, about the forms of support available to students earning their digital marketing diplomas. While Cumberland College students complete their training, Patrick supports students in launching their careers in the digital marketing world. “The most fulfilling part of my work is guiding students in their professional integration and helping them find their first digital marketing position. It allows me to build close relationships with the students and watch them transform into Digital Marketing professionals,” says Patrick. 

Below, discover more about the job placement opportunities available to you as a digital marketing graduate, and the kinds of support services you can access during your time at Cumberland College.

Career Services Available to Students in Digital Marketing Training

As a student training to obtain their digital marketing diploma at Cumberland College, there are many forms of support available when it comes to landing a job. According to Patrick, “students are invited to participate in our monthly online activities. These activities will vary throughout the year and range from building a resume to reviewing job offers with guest employers. The Career Services also invites digital marketing professionals to talk about their role and the organizations that they work with.” 

These activities help students to prepare for the job search process and become familiar with the kinds of organizations they might work in. “In addition to the monthly activities, I make myself available so that every student can get in touch with me when it matters to them, mostly when the time comes to meet an employer and negotiate their working conditions. I always pick up the phone and reply to e-mail messages, even for those who have already graduated,” Patrick adds. 

digital marketing training
During your digital marketing training, Career Services will support you in the job placement process

Networking While Earning Your Diploma

During your digital marketing training at Cumberland College, you’ll also encounter many opportunities for networking, in addition to the Career Services offered. “For the benefit of our students, Cumberland College is maximizing all networking opportunities. It starts in the classroom, where students get the opportunity to meet with their instructors, all of which are experts in their own field and where new students are added every two months. Some companies also choose to send their employees for training and networking. There are also numerous marketing events held in Montreal and online,” Patrick says. 

While networking may seem intimidating, Patrick has a few tips for those getting started: “Tell the world about your training, let them know what you are up to. With social media, this has never been easier, and by doing so, you open yourself up to the world.” With the value that networking holds for connecting with potential employers in the field, taking advantage of these opportunities can go a long way when it comes to landing a job in the field.

digital marketing diploma
Through networking, you’ll connect with potential employers in the digital marketing field

Common Career Paths of Cumberland College Grads

Despite engaging with Career Services and taking advantage of networking opportunities, it can be difficult to visualize your career path after graduating from a digital marketing program. For graduates of Cumberland College’s digital marketing program, there are a few common career paths that graduates may consider taking. 

“We receive internship/job offers on a daily basis; our graduates are in high demand, as Canada experiences the worst shortage of workers in modern history. Graduates can choose to work with a digital marketing agency, where they are likely to work on very specific tasks and be involved with several customers. Others will prefer to work in the corporate world, allowing them to broaden the scope of their work and work with a limited number of colleagues. Lastly, there are those attracted towards start-up companies, because of the excitement and the possibility to work with the latest technologies. It is also worth mentioning that a significant percentage of our students have expressed an interest in becoming consultants, with the goal of working with several small businesses,” says Patrick. 

Wherever your interests in the digital marketing field lie, you can be sure that you’ll receive the support and opportunities necessary to launch a successful career by completing a training program at Cumberland College.

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