Considering Marketing Automation Training? 4 Things You Should Be Automating and Why

Marketing automation can lend a huge helping hand when carrying out your marketing activities. You can use automation software to complete time-consuming tasks with very little effort, allowing you to focus your energy and resources on more complex and creative efforts. In this way, you can boost your productivity, enhance your digital marketing strategy, and encourage prospective customers to convert more efficiently. 

Students learning marketing automation are able to develop the necessary skills and insights to automate a wide range of tasks. This can vary from streamlining email and social media marketing to strengthening content development and conversational marketing efforts. Read on for a closer look at how marketing automation impacts each of these activities!

1. Level Up Your Email Marketing Strategy with Automation

There are various ways in which you can use marketing automation to improve your email marketing strategy. You can use it to create email templates that speed up the process of designing reoccurring email newsletters, and you can use it to generate personalized content. Through personalization tokens or tags, emails can be modified to speak directly to your audience—using their name, behaviour on your site, and other identifying data to form a stronger connection.

Professionals with marketing automation training can also use their skills to automate email campaigns. Contacts can be automatically enrolled after completing specific actions (i.e. subscribing to your email newsletter or buying certain products), and receiving customized messaging that has been set up in advance. This approach can even be used for of customized email campaigns as well as automated follow-ups. 

email marketing
The skills from your marketing automation training can help you enhance your email marketing campaign

2. Streamline Your Social Media Efforts after Marketing Automation Training

Social media is another area that can benefit from marketing automation. Professionals can automate different tasks on social media to optimize social interactions, grow their audience, and boost their productivity. This includes automating publication and engagement efforts through social media scheduling tools. 

For instance, you can automatically set your social media posts to publish at the times when your audience is most active. This way, you can be less involved in manually setting up this process and focus more on cultivating creative content for your audience. By using social media scheduling tools this way, you can even build a queue of quality content that ensures you can publish everything you need to share at the right time every time. 

3. Create Dynamic Web Content through Marketing Automation

Students taking marketing automation courses build an in-demand skill set that allows them to streamline their marketing activities. With the right training and automation techniques, they can create dynamic content that effectively engages their audience with little effort.

Dynamic web content allows visitors to see different messaging depending on key identifiers and attributes. To make this work, you can develop different audience segments and prepare personalized messaging for each. Your messaging can be tailored to different lead scores, interests and buying history, location and demographics, and more. 

marketing automation professional
Creating dynamic content with marketing automation can be an effective way to better connect with your audience

4. Automate Live Chat to Quickly Serve Prospective Customers

Conversational marketing has proven to be an effective digital marketing approach, allowing customers to get easy and quick answers through the live chat feature. Through marketing automation, this feature can be even more impactful—guaranteeing more accessibility and better communication without impacting your workload. This is where chatbots come in, providing pre-determined answers and resources to some of the most common queries. 

Another benefit of automating your chat service is the ability to automatically collect contact information from visitors and improve your lead generation efforts. The questions you include in the chatbot can then be used to automatically qualify leads and streamline your overall marketing activities.  

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