Google My Business Insights: Why it’s Essential to Digital Marketing Analytics Training

Digital marketers often rely on Google services to generate and track valuable information for businesses. Through Google My Business Insights, digital marketers can better understand a business’s search presence and digital profile—giving them essential information that can be repurposed to improve business operations and marketing efforts. 

Those studying digital marketing learn to configure accounts and navigate analytics, tracking data to generate reports and suggest improvements. In order to expand on these skill sets, students should consider exploring Google My Business Insights, which presents useful data through a user-friendly platform that is easy to access and understand.  This blog post will explore key features of Google My Business Insights and illustrate its importance for those interested in digital marketing analytics.

Introducing Google My Business Insights and Some of Its Benefits

Google My Business Insights provides digital marketers with a detailed overview of how customers find businesses, along with the actions that are taken when they do—sharing information gathered from both Google Search results as well as Google Maps. Through this platform, digital marketers can analyze information on views, searches, and actions made by users via organic searches as well as Google Ads.

By using Google My Business Insights, digital marketers can analyze the method and quantity of customers who have found a business—looking at data generated by direct searches, discovery searches, and branded searches (appearing when users search for the brand or other similar brands). Direct searches include instances when customers used the business name or address in the search query (users who know about the business), while discovery searches describe instances when a business appears alongside others in response to a user’s general query (users who didn’t know about the business). Studying this data enables digital marketers to view relevant user-generated keywords and terms that can be used to optimize content for better results. 

Using Google My Business Insights can help digital marketers better understand and optimize their business

Evaluating Performance Metrics for Those in Digital Marketing Analytics Training

Those in digital marketing analytics training can begin learning how to optimize a business’s performance through studying analytics. Google My Business Insights can be used to track how customers interact with a business online—whether they choose to visit the website, request directions, or make a phone call. This further complements the data gathered from Google Search and Google Maps, revealing how users find a business (allowing you to select the time and change filters for more details).  

Interestingly, Google My Business Insights also shares additional information regarding user-generated direction requests and phone calls to a business. Data on direction requests is presented as a “heatmap,” providing digital marketers with the estimated location of these users. Additionally, phone calls made through Google can be analyzed through Insights—giving businesses data on popular days and times that can be used to enhance marketing efforts. 

Accessing analytics enables digital marketers to make better-informed marketing decisions

Understanding Business Profiles and Enhancing Search Presence

By taking digital analytics courses, such as Cumberland College’s Internet Audience Strategic Analysis, students will be better equipped to establish measurable goals and provide actionable improvements for businesses. Understanding a business’s presence online can help digital marketers improve optimization efforts and make more informed marketing decisions. For example, Google My Business Insights offers an overview of what a business is known for, showcasing customer’s opinions. Such information can be capitalized upon for more impactful marketing. 

Through Google My Business Insights, digital marketers can review the performance of a business’s uploaded photos while also accessing data on a competitor’s photo quantity and view count. Having this tool enables digital marketers to collect information that can further enhance the business’s online search presence. 

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