How Corporate Digital Training Can Help Your Team Leverage Automated Marketing Workflows

Marketing automation describes the process of using software to automate certain business activities such as social media posts, email marketing, and SMS messaging. The purpose of this software is to automate communications with potential customers as they learn about your services, freeing up your team members’ time to work on other matters that require their attention. 

Nurturing a potential buyer greatly increases your chances of retaining them as a long-term customer, which is ultimately what every business strives for. To that end, having your team trained in knowing about marketing automation and how to leverage it can help you develop a funnel of automation to ensure potential customers are cared for. It will also help you ensure no leads fall between the cracks. To understand more on this, let’s take a closer look!

Why Is Marketing Automation Important?

Most businesses have people wearing many hats. The person in charge of your marketing may also be tasked with many other responsibilities, such as sales, customer service, budgeting, and a number of other time-consuming duties. These many responsibilities can make it difficult to consistently attend to all of the inquiries coming in from your prospective customers. In these cases, marketing automation can serve as a solution. 

Marketing automation software provides your business with the skills and opportunity to automate tasks such as email marketing, social media posts, and even social media ads. The campaigns associated with this software are designed to provide prospects with a consistent path towards action from the time that they first engage with your business, through a steady stream of automated messages. Automating these messages offers your business more time to focus on the more involved aspects of marketing all while ensuring your potential customers are never left awaiting a response, no matter where they are in the sales funnel. 

Staying top of mind requires consistent messaging along the sales funnel aligned with the user’s end goal

How Can a Marketing Workflow Help Your Business?

Professionals taking digital marketing corporate training quickly come to understand the function of a marketing workflow – a model created to predict the behaviours of your potential customers along the sales funnel. A series of automated messaging steps are created by the business based on the workflow, with triggers that wait for a customer’s action before they deploy. These workflow models can be used to design highly responsive, effective campaigns. As an example, email drip campaigns – also known as nurture campaigns – are designed to automatically send out a series of emails over a set period of time to a targeted audience, created to arrive in your lead’s inbox to consistently, steadily remind them of your business and its offerings.

Without any need of personal oversight from your staff, the automation is keeping in touch with potential customers, integrating automated triggers for further actions based on prospect behaviours at different stages throughout your workflows. This ensures your business remains top of mind with prospective customers, increasing the likelihood of an eventual conversion.

Marketing automation campaigns provide prospects with a consistent path towards action from the time that they first engage with your business

Benefits of Giving Your Team Marketing Automation Training

Offering corporate digital training to your business team helps them understand the mechanics of an automated marketing workflow, so they can build one from scratch. At the same time, they’ll gain the skills needed to build landing pages and other marketing automation assets. These and many more activities are done using industry-standard tools and platforms so that students have a chance to familiarize themselves with the software they will be using in their day-to-day work. 

The result is an unbeatable toolkit your team can put into action for your business from day one of starting the course. Arming your team with key digital marketing knowledge ensures each prospective customer gets the right level of nurturing at the right moment in the buyer journey – serving to substantially improve the overall performance of your digital campaigns!

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