How Professional Development Training in SEO Helps Your Business Stand Out

With over 1.5 billion websites on the internet, making your business stand out can often seem like an uphill battle. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a leading method in digital marketing that does just that. Understanding keyword research, website copy and design, content creation, auditing and analyzing data are just a few of the important aspects of SEO that your employees would benefit from learning.

Providing corporate training in SEO to your employees will positively affect your search engine rankings, increase your visibility and brand awareness, and attract highly targeted traffic to your business website. Your employees will learn the skills to work more efficiently and develop effective marketing strategies, and your business will have in-house access to fully trained SEO experts.

Keep reading to find out how this specialized digital marketing training will make your business shine amongst competitors. 

You’ll Have Fully Trained SEO experts at Your Fingertips 

Training the staff you already have provides you with a strong alternative to outsourcing. By having digital marketing experts in-house, you’ll be able to achieve a more dedicated, passionate and personalized approach to your SEO from the people that know your business best. 

As well, group trainings will allow your employees to learn concepts together to then work together seamlessly. At Cumberland College, our professional development courses in SEO follow a hands-on, practical approach where your team will work on real digital marketing projects directly related to your business.

In addition, your employees will appreciate the opportunity to grow their skills. In fact, 91% of employees want and appreciate personalized, relevant training in the workplace. Boosting employee morale and confidence will only add to the impact your team will make after their training.

corporate training in SEO
Group corporate training in SEO creates a unified approach towards your digital marketing

Your Website Will Rank Higher, Driving Traffic and Getting You More Leads and Sales

An expertise in the methods of SEO allows your business to grow its online presence organically, bringing your website to the forefront as it ranks higher on search engines. As this happens, consumers will be more likely to trust your brand because of your strong web presence leading them to visit your site, which in turn will amount to more leads and sales.

SEO is also about improving user experience. Your employees will learn how to determine if your website’s loading speed, ease of navigation, and mobile view are having an impact on how often and for how long visitors are spending on your website. Using industry-standard tools such as Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, and Moz throughout their corporate training, your team will be able to analyze information and develop strategies to continue to bring your business into the spotlight.

You’ll Be Able to Perform Technical SEO Audits Regularly

One of the highlights of SEO is that it is measurable. During their professional development training in SEO, your team will learn how to perform comprehensive audits. This will allow you to see your business’s ranking for different search queries and define your target keywords. This provides a reference point to measure the impact of the improvements that you make, with the metrics to compare your strengths and weaknesses over time. With this information, your employers will have the education to build customized strategies to improve these results month after month.

Importantly, your team may also be able to audit your competition, giving you an inside look at their SEO performance and strategies. Identifying their successes and failures gives you the opportunity to jump in and do better.

professional development training in SEO
Employees will perform audits and analyze data after completing their corporate training in SEO

In today’s digital world, it’s essential to have employees that are educated in the intricacies of SEO to give you the competitive edge you want and the results you need. Whatever the size of your business, making an investment in the digital education of your employees has never made more sense. 

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