How to Create a Great USP After Digital Marketing Strategy Training

With so many things being online in today’s business world, customers have more options than ever before. As a result, businesses have to work harder to stand out and make a lasting impression, competing against local competitors and other online brands. 

This is why having a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is incredibly important. By developing a good USP, digital marketers can make their brand or business feel distinctive, even when offering products that others are selling as well. A brand that feels unique and uses a specific message is more likely to attract customers and make an impact in the market. 

For those studying digital marketing, here’s a quick guide to creating a great USP!

Exploring What Makes a Good Unique Selling Proposition

A good USP has to set you apart from competitors, which means it presents a specific message that is original to your own business. Taking the time to study your brand and focus on your USP automatically allows you to improve your overall marketing strategy. Your quest would begin by trying to answer this question: “How are you different from the rest?”

From there, it’s all about the message you craft and put out to the public. A good USP has to present something beyond being “unique,” highlighting key points that your customers would value most. While a generic position (i.e. being time-efficient or having high-quality products) can be helpful to have, a more effective approach would be developing an assertive statement that can make your business more memorable. As an example, Death Wish Coffee is a brand that claims to make the “world’s strongest coffee.” The quirky brand name along with this bold assertion makes this USP memorable, backed up with insight into how the coffee is made and promises of full refunds to those who disagree with the brand’s value proposition. Ultimately, a good USP is something that is felt throughout your business—communicated in your branding, marketing, and even your way of conducting business. 

A great USP communicates a clear, specific message about your business offering

Understanding and Appealing to Your Ideal Customers

If you want to develop a great USP, you have to be ready to jump into market research. Taking a  digital marketing strategy course will teach you how to define and segment your target audience—a key step in understanding your ideal customer. Once you identify your target demographic, you’ll want to focus on why your products or services would appeal to them. Understanding what they would want and need, as well as how your product or service addresses these points, can give you the necessary information to create a compelling USP.

After examining the profile of your ideal customer, digital marketers can begin analyzing their competition to see how their products or services stand out. Customers want to know why they should choose you over other competitors—and a great USP makes this answer clear. For example, FedEx’s USP was all about reliable delivery that arrives overnight. This USP clearly addresses a common concern, allowing FedEx to develop a good reputation by effectively carrying out this promise.

Your USP has to be effectively communicated in your marketing efforts

Knowing how to Apply Your USP After Digital Marketing Strategy Training

After doing this research, you’ll want to be able to effectively communicate your USP to customers. Ideally, it would be something you can convey in a short and snappy way—like an elevator pitch. Having a condensed USP can help capture a customer’s attention, making it easier to apply to various marketing efforts.

By taking digital marketing strategy training, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to effectively market your business. For instance, you’ll learn about creating solid paid ad campaigns—where your USP has to be made clear in your ad copy. It should be noted that focusing on the benefits of your product or service can resonate more with your target audience. Your USP should also be reflected in your landing pages—addressing key customer concerns, emphasizing product or service benefits (problem-solving), and adding a strong Call to Action (CTA) that prompts the desired results. 

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