How To Grow Your Brand Using Google Search Console in Your Digital Marketing Career

In today’s digital business marketing world, the golden ticket for achieving leads and subsequent conversions is your ability to bring an audience to your website. So how can businesses tell how effective they are at drawing people in with their SEO efforts, and how well their website pages are actually performing once people get there? The Google Search Console is an amazing free tool that Google provides to businesses to help them measure those very metrics. What they learn from those metrics gives them the opportunity to act upon the good, the bad, and the ugly of their site’s own unique organic search results.

Read on to understand more about Google Search Console, and some of its features that can be leveraged in your digital marketing efforts.

More Details on Google Search Console for Those in Digital Marketing Courses

The Google Search Console (GSC) helps businesses that have created an account by showing them how Google views their website pages, so that they may understand how they are ranked according to that assessment. It provides you with important data on your website’s search results and rankings, traffic, loading speed, security issues, site errors, search indexing problems, and much more.

By understanding what you’re doing right with your website through the eyes of Google, as well as discovering any errors that might be taking place, you’ll have the critical information needed to make the necessary adjustments to improve your performance on Google search. This is an incredible advantage any digital marketer should be aware of. The data keeps you constantly informed in ways that will help you increase traffic to your site, grow your brand, and improve your conversion rate.

Google Search Console lets you measure your website’s search traffic and performance

Some of Google Search Console’s Most Useful Features 

As you prepare for a digital marketing career, it will be helpful to have an understanding of the many and varied regions of data and tools that you can use on GSC to analyze your Google search performance. Link reports are incredibly useful, giving you information on external and internal links, as well as data about top-linking sites and how often they link to your site. Links are critical in the world of SEO, used by search engines to rate a page’s performance and ranking it accordingly among search results. The data you’ll discover on GSC’s linking reports is key to bumping up your rankings, as it gives you the chance to work on building your internal links as well as getting more backlinks from third party websites. 

Businesses also find the URL Inspection tool useful, as it helps you understand how Google sees your web pages by providing associated page data on crawl, index, and serving information. You can review your Google index coverage and use the information to optimize the view Google has on your site. 

Additional GCP tools and features give you the opportunity to:

  • Improve the rich results coming from your structured data
  • Test and improve your website’s mobile performance and usability
  • Monitor, test, and track your AMP pages

Harnessing the Power of Keyword Data Revealed Through Google Search Console 

Of all the reports a business can access on Google Search Console, the most useful data tells you which specific keywords are bringing the most traffic to your site. By knowing how your web pages are performing for specified keywords used in your SEO efforts, you have the golden opportunity to optimize your content to target the keywords already reaping results. 

Not only does GSC tell you which queries attract traffic to your site, and which specific keywords are “low hanging” for the picking, but it also provides you with important details on the average position of those keywords, as well as CTR, clicks, and impressions. Having access to this invaluable data on GSC has proven to be especially appreciated by digital marketers who once turned to Google Analytics for such information, where the data is no longer made available.

You can use GSC to determine which keywords visitors are using most to find your site

What Those Seeking a Digital Marketing Career Should Know About Error Data

If you’re taking digital marketing courses, you’re probably already well aware of the various types of errors that a website can experience, from search indexing issues to manual action errors to the dreaded appearance of the 404 error – also known as the web crawl error. Google Search Console will identify and reveal detailed data on these types of issues and many more. Knowing about such errors is critical, as left unattended they can interfere with Google’s ability to crawl your site, impacting traffic. 

Attending to any error is key in getting your search ranking back on track, and GSC kindly does you the favour of sending alerts via email to inform you whenever a new error is detected, so that it may be dealt with swiftly. Once you’ve fixed the identified problem, you’ll then have the opportunity to update Google via GSC so that your site performance can be re-evaluated and ranked accordingly.

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