How to Improve Your SEO Strategy with a Backlink Campaign after SEO Specialist Training

Effective digital marketing relies on a variety of tools and techniques to create positive results that achieve business goals. These efforts can also include a backlink campaign, typically referring to a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that aims to boost visibility. Here, digital marketers try to increase the number of hyperlinks used on other websites that link back to their own. 

Backlinks, also called inbound links, are considered to be one of Google’s most important ranking factors. A website with multiple backlinks from relevant and credible sources ranks more highly on the search engine results page. That is because backlinks pass trust, power, and authority—indicating great content. However, a strong backlink campaign needs to consider more than just the numbers. 

This blog post will introduce key ways to help you build backlinks, further enhancing your digital marketing strategy!

Understanding the Makings of a Good Backlink Profile 

In order to create an impactful backlink campaign, digital marketers need to evaluate their backlink profile. A backlink profile provides digital marketers with an overview of the combined backlinks to their website. This information includes the number of links as well as their quality and diversity. 

Healthy backlink profiles boast a variety of links that come from relevant and niche sites as well as large authority sites (identified by their reputation among industry experts). Generally speaking, a link profile includes both “follow” and “no follow” links—attributions that indicate to the search engine whether a hyperlink is trustworthy or not. Although follow links are usually more preferable, no follow links can still help you boost traffic.

Understanding your backlink profile can help you create more impactful backlink campaigns

Prioritizing User Intent When Starting Your Backlink Campaign

By using your SEO specialist training, you’ll be able to devise successful strategies that increase awareness to your site. These techniques will help you generate high-quality backlinks naturally and fairly, allowing you to avoid Google’s penalties. For the best results, you’ll want to prioritize the user intent—focusing on generating relevant backlinks that help users discover great content.

This content can come in the form of a blog, which introduces new information in a shareable format. Other websites can link to your work, boosting the authority of your site. You can also create a unique resource page that attracts new visitors who would be naturally inclined to promote your content, sharing these useful resources in a way that draws in more traffic. These techniques can lead to editorial links that can push your backlink campaign to the next level.

By focusing on user-intent, you can generate strong backlinks naturally and fairly

Applying Industry Best Practices After Your SEO Specialist Training

Digital marketers interested in strengthening their backlink campaign can also engage in reciprocal linking—though it’s important to do so with caution. Reciprocal linking can be a great way to generate new backlinks, using your network of partners and happy customers. 

You can even consider guest blogging—writing on another website to create more links that refer to your own site. That said, excessive reciprocal linking can get your site flagged as suspicious, resulting in penalties by Google. As such, you’ll want to avoid unaffiliated sites and focus more on collaborative efforts.

Here, you can use the knowledge and skills gained from your technical SEO course to ensure you apply industry best practices. By getting involved in the community through special events, or offering loyalty programs and other perks, you can attract the attention of customers more easily. This attention can help you boost your visibility, allowing you to build more backlinks.   

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