How to Perfect Landing Pages for Those in Marketing Automation Training

A landing page is a web page where a visitor should land after clicking on a search engine ad, search result, or other types of marketing promotion. It is a standalone web page that is meant to convert leads. It does this by having a call-to-action (CTA) which is focused on increasing conversion rates of your marketing efforts. The CTA of your landing page will offer something, such as an eBook, discount, or the promise to learn more about the product or service being searched. Downloading or accessing this resource will be done in exchange for some of the visitor’s details, such as their email and name. 

Automating this data-capturing process and the landing page itself will help you save time and improve the results of your marketing campaigns. You can use automation in several ways to ensure you get the perfect landing pages. If you’re considering marketing automation training, read on to learn how to best leverage landing pages.

1. Automate Landing Pages According to Source

People may be led to your landing pages from a variety of locations. For example, someone may see your landing page by clicking a link in a marketing email, while others may be directed via a social media ad or a blog post. Leveraging automation to direct viewers to different landing pages depending on the type of marketing content they’re interacting with will help increase your conversion rate.

Learn to design and perfect landing pages during marketing automation training.

It is important to understand the actions someone has taken to arrive at your landing page so that you can customize offers and information based on what you know about their stage in the buyer’s journey. For instance, someone who arrived on your landing page via a Google search ad is likely looking for the product or service you’re offering and thus would like to receive more information about your brand’s products and services or simply an offer or discount. 

During marketing automation training, you will learn how to create landing pages that are effective, lead-generating and automated. Utilizing these skills to create different automated landing pages, depending on where the viewer is coming from, will help create more leads as the content is tailored to their needs.

2. A/B Testing and Analysis to Enhance Landing Pages

A/B testing can be used to test landing page effectiveness. This will allow you to compare two different versions of landing pages with slight differences to see which one is most effective. For example, you can test two different colours or sizes for your CTA button when testing your landing page, uncovering which option is most effective for your audience. Review your analysis of marketing reports, which you’ll learn about in marketing automation courses, to decide which landing page version to proceed with.

A/B testing to find the perfect landing page will utilize your analysis and testing skills gained during marketing automation courses.

3. Manage and Segment Contacts From Your Landing Pages

The leads you generate from your landing pages will join an automated database where their information will be kept. Automatically separating contacts based on where they found your landing page, the actions they took on your website, and the time they spent on your website, amongst other factors, will help you with your marketing efforts. In marketing automation training, you will be taught how to effectively manage and segment contacts. You will learn what metrics are effective in automated measuring and how to manage new leads. 

When you want to follow up with leads, you can create tailored content for the segment they are in, allowing for personalization while keeping the content flow automated. They may also automatically be assigned a specific landing page for future campaigns, which can be tailored to what they looked at previously or a different offer based on the segment they have been put in. 

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