How to Pitch a Digital Marketing Strategy When Starting Your Digital Marketing Career

So you’ve collected all of the data, used your problem-solving skills, and you’ve come up with a strategy that will certainly generate quality leads for your client. Now, all you have to do is pitch it. How can you convey effectiveness and ensure that clients and your team understand the value of your pitches during your digital marketing career? When you learn to pitch strategies effectively, you’ll surely build trust with your client and become an invaluable asset to your team. Consider the following steps.

Identify the Main Challenges of the Client

Start your pitch by identifying the main challenges that your clients may be having. State the company’s business goals as they’ve been discussed. Also, see if you can come up with other goals that are compatible with the client’s desired outcomes. This shows that you’ve covered all of your bases during the research stage. It also shows clients that there may be areas of their marketing strategy that they’ve overlooked, and you’re positioning yourself or the agency you’re a part of as the solution!  

Discuss the Details of the Digital Marketing Strategy

Designing and implementing a digital marketing strategy involves managing many moving parts. In order to assure clients and team members that your idea will be effective, be sure to include details about how your strategy will create results, what tools you’ll be using, and a timeline. This is also a great time to bring in some detailed competitor analysis to assure clients that the strategy you’re pitching will provide a competitive edge. Be sure to provide proof for any claims you make during your pitch.

When pitching a digital marketing strategy, be sure to cover the details of the implementation plan.

Anticipate Concerns and Alleviate Them 

No matter how solid a digital marketing strategy you pitch, it’s likely that a few concerns may come up. “How much is this all going to cost?”, “How does that work?” or “Is that tool really worth the money?” are a few questions you can expect to hear during or after your pitch. To avoid being stumped, anticipate as many questions and concerns as you can come up with in order to present solutions at every opportunity. Once you’ve created a long list of answers to hypothetical questions about your strategy, get feedback from a team member to get more perspective. 

Before pitching a digital marketing strategy, anticipate questions and concerns so you can alleviate them.

Show Them The Money!

After completing a digital marketing strategy course and getting to work, remember the reason your clients seek your services. It’s very easy to track digital marketing campaigns, allowing companies to focus only on channels that generate a high return on investment. It’s important to be clear about how your strategy will save money and drive profit. When you take digital marketing strategy courses with us, in addition to polishing off your pitching skills, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to thrive right after graduation. 

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