HubSpot CRM Best Practices for Marketing Automation Training Students

For many businesses, nurturing a positive customer relationship is incredibly important. Expanding businesses with a growing list of customers might find it difficult to manage contacts in an organized and productive manner. This is where a CRM system comes into play, referring to a Customer Relationship Management system—like the HubSpot CRM system.

Having a CRM can vastly improve a business’s sales and marketing efforts, providing a clear database of contacts. It also allows digital marketers to centralize all information while developing a better understanding on the status of leads. Here’s a quick guide to some of the best practices for managing a HubSpot CRM system. 

Keeping Better Track of Your Contact Records 

Having an organized list of your business’s contacts can make a huge difference. This is why reviewing your contact records and looking for errors or duplicate information is considered an important practice—one that can facilitate your marketing automation process. For example, digital marketers might stumble onto two different contacts with the same name but a different email. Here, it would be a good idea to merge this information, defining a primary contact record that would include the contact’s timeline activity.

Another pro tip is to assign “buyer personas” to each of your contacts. HubSpot enables users to enter personas into the system and connect them to contacts for a better understanding of that client’s needs and wants. This is a particularly helpful tool as it provides digital marketers with more insight, helping them nurture leads more effectively. By adding a form in HubSpot, users can easily attribute personas—letting the system automatically categorize and sort contacts. 

By organizing contacts effectively, digital marketers can nurture leads to enhance sales efforts

Automating Workflows and Formatting Data

HubSpot is a particularly useful tool, serving as the go-to destination for all sales and marketing efforts. As such, it’s incredibly important to organize data by accurately defining individual contacts to ensure effective marketing. Those in marketing automation training might be very interested in creating automated workflows that update the contact’s information to reflect their actions. This can be done by managing the Lifecycle Stage property, which can help with identifying the contact’s relationship to your businesses (i.e. distinguishing leads from customers).

Fixing data formats is also a key step in providing a business with “clean data.” By nature, data in a CRM system is constantly moving and changing, especially when users utilize different formatting conventions. Here, creating data formatting standards can be very helpful, allowing digital marketers to find datasets that accurately represent specific data points. Some formatting issues to look out for can include: phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, and dates. 

HubSpot allows marketers to directly communicate with contacts for more effective marketing

Using Marketing Automating Training to Improve Communication

Digital marketers might also be keen to know that the HubSpot CRM system includes email templates that can be easily customized to each contact. By mixing personalization tokens with static text, HubSpot lets you create distinctive emails that can engage the user more effectively. 

Students taking marketing automation courses can also explore using HubSpot’s email extension tool, which can provide marketers with data on their email’s performance. As it relies on data from the CRM, the email extension tool also provides you with the contact’s relevant information—helping you craft impactful emails that can be timed to suit your contact’s personal schedule. 

Similarly, HubSpot also allows its users to call contacts directly, even recording conversations that can be used to update contact records more easily. These calls can be perfectly timed by using the email extension tool, contacting clients just after they have opened your email. 

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