In Digital Marketing Analytics Training? Upcoming Changes for Google Search

In a rapidly changing world, our needs and expectations are constantly evolving. Online users are relying on various digital tools to access key information, making advancements in search engines a necessity as we progress into the digital age. For this reason, Google has released new features and updates this year to enable its users to experience a new and improved version of Search navigation. 

In its annual Marketing Live conference, Google introduced the term “omni-buyers” to refer to consumers who combine online and offline channels to make purchases. This growing audience is propelling Google’s changes while also pushing businesses to showcase their products and websites in more accessible and appealing ways. Students with an interest in digital analytics can read on to learn more about these changes and discover how they can better adapt to maintain an organization’s competitive edge!

Embracing Visual Content in Google’s Multisearch Feature

In order to better appeal to and serve omni-buyers, Google has introduced multisearch, which focuses more heavily on visual media and commerce. Through this new feature, users will be able to better express their needs to discover the right information, all while mixing the offline world with the digital one.

With Multisearch, users will be able to take a photo of a subject and type a relevant query to get exactly what they’re looking for. For instance, users can take a photo of a specific type of dress and add a query to specify the color in search results. Users can also make use of the “Near Me” function to search for something in a photo they’ve taken that is available nearby.

Students taking a digital marketing analytics course can benefit from knowing about these changes, particularly as e-commerce continues to grow in popularity. Here, it helps to ensure that a company’s images and content is properly indexed and easily discoverable.

Users can now take photos and add their query to search for similar products more easily on Google

Google’s Latest Core Update Explored for Students in Digital Analytics Courses

Core updates is a term that Google uses to describe general changes to its algorithm and systems that have the potential to significantly influence search results. Ultimately, these changes are designed to improve the user experience while searching, and enable Google to adapt to how users work with these tools to get the answers and results they need.

Because of this update, students in digital marketing analytics training can expect to notice spikes or drops in websites’ search rankings. Google has noted that these potential page drops aren’t a sign of penalization, but rather an indication that those pages are being re-evaluated against other web content. In these instances, taking action to optimize your site and its content may help to avoid a lesser ranking.

Students in digital analytics courses may notice changes in how websites rank after Google’s latest core update

Adapting to Google’s Changes to Stay ahead of the Competition

Working with high quality content is key when adapting to Google’s core algorithm updates and search changes. To generate the right results, you’ll want to apply the “Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness,” (E-A-T) principle and ensure that your content is relevant to your audience. It’s also a good practice to regularly monitor trends in your industry and apply best practices to help a company maintain its competitive edge.

In general, it’s been advised that marketers produce more video content and add structured data to their product pages, especially since Google’s changes are focused around video and e-commerce. In terms of digital analytics, marketers can use Google Analytics 4 to monitor app activity and online activity. This way, they can observe how customers behave between different channels, get a better understanding of their customer engagement, and discover new ways to improve their omni-channel customer experience.

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