Interested in E-Commerce Training? 3 Tips For Driving Traffic

Once you’ve developed or sourced a great product and designed an eye-catching online store, you’ll be halfway to a successful e-commerce business. Next, you’ll need to be noticed by potential clients. Data suggests that today, there are about 2.64 billion online shoppers, indicating that there’s plenty of opportunity to drive traffic to your e-commerce site. That being said, there are challenges to overcome. Depending on your niche, there may be stiff competition to face, high customer expectations to meet, and a challenge to drive quality conversions. Fortunately, there are effective strategies to employ in order to run a successful e-commerce business. With the ability to drive traffic to an online store, you will bolster your employability in the digital marketing industry. In addition, if you’re interested in entrepreneurship, the skills you’ll acquire in e-commerce training will help your business grow. Keep reading for three essential best practices for driving traffic to e-commerce sites. 

1. Get Noticed With Search Engine Optimization

Effective search engine optimization positions your product as a solution to a search engine user’s specific need. It involves fine-tuning your website so that it ranks higher on search results pages. Some SEO strategies include the use of relevant keywords, maximizing user experience on your site, and developing high-quality inbound links.

Leverage SEO after e-commerce training to position your business as a trustworthy solution.

According to this study, more than half of clicks go to the top three search results. Securing this coveted position for your site will increase visibility and establish you as a trustworthy business. As the race to the top three search results intensifies, SEO has become more complex. At one time, it simply involved high keyword density in the site content, but now, it’s necessary to produce ‘10x content’ – that is, unique, shareable, valuable content that stands out from other content in your niche. Some common formats for 10x content include user guides, videos, and informative long-form content. In our e-commerce training program, you will be introduced to current SEO and analytics best practices that will get you noticed. 

2. Leverage Social Media After E-Commerce Training

Social media is a powerful e-commerce tool for gaining insight into your ideal buyer, connecting with them, and in turn, driving traffic to your landing page. Through social media posts, you can establish brand identity with catchy, useful, or entertaining content. Social media is also an ideal way to share relevant store news like special promotions and giveaways. You can also leverage influencers in your niche to access a broader audience. Many online stores also use social media as an opportunity to engage in a vital marketing activity called social listening, which involves identifying and assessing the discourse around your brand.

Social media can help you improve brand identity, connect with potential buyers, and engage in social listening after e-commerce training.

3. Optimize Your Strongest Traffic Source

Though e-commerce businesses are encouraged to use several platforms for their marketing efforts, it’s most effective to focus on the strongest traffic sources for your website. Using tools like Google Analytics, you can determine your best traffic sources, and with that information, you’ll be equipped with a clearer focus for your marketing strategy. There are three questions you should be asking about website traffic sources: Which source produces the highest traffic? Which source sends the highest converting traffic? Which source produces the most engagement? 

After obtaining your e-commerce diploma, you will be well prepared to leverage the tips discussed above, as well as the specialized skills you’ll hone in our hands-on learning environment. You’ll graduate equipped with many innovative e-commerce strategies in your toolkit, ready to take on the challenges of modern business.

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