Interested in Social Media Advertising Courses? 3 Trends to Watch This Year

Social media advertising is an integral part of digital marketing campaigns, using social media platforms to generate customer interest and more revenue. It can be particularly effective when the target audience of a marketing campaign perfectly aligns with the user demographics of a specific social media platform.

Advertising on social media has many benefits, allowing businesses to produce ads that resonate with a larger audience. By using customer-generated content, businesses can grow their engagement and, consequently, their sales more efficiently. These benefits help position social media advertising as a key component of successful digital marketing campaigns. 

This blog will introduce rising trends in the field, covering popular approaches and tools for those studying digital marketing!

1. The Impact of Short-Form Video Content in Social Media Advertising

According to some of the most recent surveys, videos are still considered to be the most engaging type of digital content—garnering the most views and responses. In fact, it is predicted that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will come from online videos by 2022. The rise in video content can also be reflected in the popularity of TikTok, a relatively new platform for short-form video content. Since its international launch in 2017, the app has quickly risen in popularity and is currently credited as the most globally downloaded app. 

The increasing interest around video content also spurred Instagram to introduce a new feature called Reels, allowing creators to produce and share 15 to 30-second videos. These trends point to social media video advertising as a powerful tool for businesses to explore. By creating simple and digestible videos that are designed to engage viewers, digital marketers can attract more potential customers and increase brand visibility. 

Short videos continue to be the most popular type of digital content on social media

2. The Rising Trend of Stories and Micro-Influencer Marketing on Social Media

In response to COVID-19 restrictions, live streaming grew as a way for users to feel more socially connected. However, students taking social media advertising courses will know that stories and “live” content have always attracted users, often by creating a fear of missing out. For instance, Instagram and Snapchat both feature Stories as a way for audiences to connect with content creators. The added live function further enhances engagement, allowing users to participate in the present moment.

One way marketers can engage stories on social media platforms to increase brand awareness is by combining Stories with influencer marketing. Rising trends for 2021 reveal an increase in micro-influencer marketing for niche audiences. Due to the smaller reach, campaign costs are lower—but they are still effective in reaching a specific demographic. As research by Oberlo shows, Instagram is the most popular influencer platform—where the average engagement rate is approximately twice as much as that of branded content. 

Using Stories and micro-influencer marketing can boost user engagement on social media

3. The Value of Social Commerce for Students Taking Social Media Courses

Another rising trend for digital marketers to explore is the use of social commerce, which relies on social media platforms to enhance the online shopping experience. For example, social media apps like Pinterest and Instagram are integrating catalogues for easy shopping. A business can use these features to streamline the e-commerce experience—introducing their storefront on social media, where their users spend most of their time.

Digital marketers can optimize their Instagram and Facebook accounts to facilitate easy checkout, which would prompt their target audience to convert without interrupting the user experience. According to HubSpot, 71% of users are “more likely to purchase based on social media referrals.”  By enabling e-commerce on social media posts, digital marketers can easily increase revenue.   

Those taking social media courses will know that the social platforms are constantly changing. Keeping up with trends and capitalizing on them ensures that you get the most out of your digital marketing campaigns.

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