Life as an E-Commerce Specialist: Exploring Career Opportunities Available After a Digital Marketing Diploma

As more and more consumers rely on the internet to make quick and easy purchases, the e-commerce sector has grown to meet that demand. Companies today are looking to translate their brick-and-mortar business to the online marketplace. As such, e-commerce specialists are needed to facilitate that shift and help businesses thrive in the digital landscape. 

Today, e-commerce specialists can apply their skills to a range of marketing jobs, from research analysis to web development and administration jobs. In each of these roles, a strong understanding of digital marketing practices is essential for success. 

At Cumberland College, our digital marketing program covers everything from analytics and paid advertising to basic programming and search engine optimization. With a multifaceted skill set, you’ll be ready to take advantage of the growing opportunities in e-commerce. Read on to learn more about what your job as an e-commerce specialist could look like!

Apply Your Digital Marketing Training to Web Development 

Every online store needs a website, and the style and functionality of that website plays a huge role in the customer experience. If a website is slow, cluttered or hard to navigate, customers are unlikely to return to your store—or even make it to the first purchase. 

As a web developer, your job will be to create the foundation of an e-commerce website. As one of the most dynamic and creative sides of e-commerce, this role combines programming and graphic design skills with the goal of creating a functional and visually appealing website. You’ll need to know how to create, test and troubleshoot software for a business’ platform while bringing a creative vision to life. 
With digital marketing training at Cumberland College, you’ll work on real digital marketing projects to learn how to design, code and test quality websites. Students will learn how to use templates to build a website, import written, audio, and video content, test sites to ensure functionality and use basic HTML programming. With specialized web skills, you can become the backbone of the e-commerce experience. 

Learn how to design, code and test quality websites for e-commerce with digital marketing training

Drive Success as an Analyst

To stay afloat in the digital world, companies need to understand online consumer trends, who they’re competing with, and how they are currently performing. As an e-commerce analyst, you’ll be responsible for monitoring and improving the success of an online business. Your role as a business analyst is to analyze the company’s data and recommend ways to boost profitability. This may include examining marketing campaign results, monitoring competitors and evaluating the user experience. These results can be conveyed to the design team and managers to help them make changes in the right direction. 

Students earning their digital marketing diploma will learn how to analyze product mix, competitors, and growth opportunities, and recommend ways to optimize a campaign to maximize ROI. Applying these skills to e-commerce, students can play a key role in guiding the success of digital marketing strategies. 

Monitor and improve the online success of a business as a research analyst

Explore the SEO Side of E-Commerce

How a business ranks on search engines determines how much exposure it receives. With a top position on search engines like Google, a business can generate the most traffic to its website. That’s why it’s so important for an e-commerce business to have the expertise of an SEO specialist. As an SEO specialist, you’ll focus on boosting a business’s search engine ranking, generating more visitors through organic traffic and advising on the creation of SEO-optimized content. Students can prepare for this role with our course on search engine optimization, which introduces students to the principles of organic search ranking. With the right training, you can make a site stand out on the web and boost the awareness of an e-commerce brand. 

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