The 3 Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them With Digital Marketing Training

With the world of digital marketing constantly evolving and changing, it can be easy to make mistakes. After all, we’re only human!

While eliminating mistakes entirely is an impossible endeavor, you can identify the mistakes that marketers commonly make and watch out for them as you embark on your new career. Not only will this make life easier—your future bosses will greatly appreciate your accuracy and professionalism.

Keep reading to learn how you can avoid common mistakes in your digital marketing career!

Not Keeping Your Target Audience in Mind

It’s easy for digital marketers to get caught up in trends and create new campaigns without thinking about who their audience is and what they’re looking for. 

Unfortunately, the most common mistakes can sometimes be the most costly. If you don’t keep your audience at the forefront of your marketing efforts, you risk devoting ample time and energy to potentially ineffective digital marketing strategies. 

Luckily avoiding this mistake is as simple as keeping an eye on the wealth of data that is readily available to you. As you’ll learn in digital marketing courses, each social media channel offers plenty of audience insights, for instance, and Google Analytics provides in-depth insight into your audience’s demographics and buying habits. 

With this data, you will know not only who to target, but what kinds of campaigns and content will most effectively turn these leads into customers.

All digital marketing efforts should be created with customers in mind

Neglecting Mobile Users After Digital Marketing Training

Did you know that 40% of online transactions are done using a mobile device? How about the fact that nearly 50% of mobile users will switch to your competitor if they had a bad experience with your mobile site? 

There is no shortage of statistics to show the importance of mobile marketing. However, many digital marketers forget about the mobile aspect when creating campaigns. Many assume that simply having a website with responsive design—which is common practice amongst many companies—is enough to satisfy mobile users. 

However, in today’s digital marketing world, it is imperative to make sure that your website is not only responsive, but mobile friendly. Graduates of digital marketing school know to pay attention to mobile users. This is not a simple matter of ensuring that all your website content shows up properly on a phone, but making sure that all elements are easily clickable, user friendly, and optimized for devices of different sizes. 

In addition, it is important that any other assets you create—such as emails, eBooks, and any other marketing content—are optimized for mobile.

Always make sure to test run emails, new webpages, etc. on different mobile devices

Overlooking SEO in Digital Marketing Campaigns

Before you create content, perform website updates, or run an online advertising campaign, consider your SEO strategy. Many digital marketers race ahead to launch projects and are surprised when the results are disappointing.

Just because a blog is well-written or a social media ad is well designed doesn’t guarantee a positive performance—you need to strategically optimize each if you want the best shot at success. If you’re publishing a YouTube video, for example, make sure to include keywords in the title, description, and tags.

However, keep in mind that search engine algorithms are always changing, so ensuring you’re up to date with the latest SEO best practices is essential.

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