The Importance of Good UX Design Explained for Students in Digital Marketing School

A strong digital marketing strategy should always incorporate good UX (user experience) design. Here, user experience is typically understood as the way users interact with products and services—significantly impacting a brand’s relationship with its leads and customers. 

Digital marketers know that having a strong online presence is essential, and good UX design is an effective way to ensure that your online presence generates the right results. By applying good UX design principles, digital marketers can appeal to users’ needs and desires and encourage leads to keep coming back.

Here’s a breakdown of how good UX design complements a strong digital marketing campaign!

Increasing Brand Awareness through Good UX Design 

The customer’s journey begins with awareness. In this stage, digital marketers can use UX design principles to increase visibility and start building the foundation of a meaningful relationship with potential customers. By focusing on the user’s needs and addressing them through design, you can highlight key services that ultimately boost your brand’s awareness. 
In this way, you are optimizing your online presence and using effective design to attract your target audience—addressing the user directly in a way that makes you stand out from your competition. Through your digital marketing training, you’ll learn the ins and outs of marketing, including how to use SEO to boost your visibility. Combining those skills with a well-designed website or app ensures that prospects find and remember your brand more easily.

Digital marketing that combines good UX design can help you boost brand awareness and visibility

Enhancing the Customer Experience through Responsive Design

Thinking from the user’s perspective allows digital marketers to push their campaigns to the next level. With UX design, digital marketers can enhance the overall customer experience and increase their satisfaction. This can be done by improving functionality as well as navigation—making your website easier than ever to use.

According to research, mobile traffic represents 54.8% of global website traffic in the first quarter of 2021 alone. With so many mobile users online, it becomes imperative to optimize websites for mobile devices. By completing your digital marketing diploma program, you’ll learn to code websites that factor in responsive design. In this way, you’ll be able to engage your target audience through pleasant user experiences—prioritizing clarity and accessibility on all devices. 

Having good UX design across all devices reflects your company’s values in providing users with the best experience possible. It also provides you with the space you need to generate content that enforces stronger connections with your audience, strengthening your digital marketing efforts. 

Good UX design helps you create unique and memorable customer experiences

Using Good UX Design for Driving Results after Digital Marketing Training

Simply put, users are likely to exit a webpage if it does not meet their expectations. This means that if a website is unresponsive or badly-designed (i.e. cluttered or difficult to navigate), you stand to  lose potential customers. In this sense, applying good UX design principles can decrease your website’s bounce rate—the percentage of visitors who exit your site after landing (without exploring other pages).

Digital marketers who incorporate good UX design are also in a better position to increase conversions and improve lead generation. That’s because good user experiences depend on thorough user research, reflecting your target market in a way that appeals directly to their needs and interests. Through this targeted approach, you’ll be able to drive results that enhance your digital marketing strategy—ultimately increasing your return on investment.

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