Why Corporate Training is Important for the Digital Transformation of Your Business

In the corporate world, digital transformation is becoming increasingly important—promoting growth and efficiency through technology and digital processes. This transformation profoundly impacts a company, changing its infrastructure and culture by requiring employees to upgrade their skills and adapt their mindset.

By offering employee training in digital marketing, you’ll be closer to achieving your digital transformation goals. In fact, Adobe’s 2019 Digital Trends report has found that digital-first companies are 64% more likely to exceed their top business goal. Having skilled employees ready to adapt to these changes allows your business to prosper and grow in the face of any disruptions. 

Here’s a closer look at why employees with digital marketing skills are essential for your digital transformation goals!

Digital Marketing Knowledge Can Help Improve Your Customer Journey

Focusing on digital marketing can effectively boost your company’s digital transformation, allowing you to optimize key aspects of your business—namely, the customer journey. Marketing strategies are essential for boosting visibility and increasing revenue. By shifting to digital marketing strategies, your business can expand its reach and better target customers who need or want your products. 

According to McKinsey & Company, digital transformations that centre on customer experience can lead to a 20-30% increase in customer satisfaction as well as in economic gains, ranging between 20-50%. Through their training, your employees can help create these results—learning how to run successful ad campaigns, devise large-scale digital marketing strategies, and work with analytics to optimize results. In this way, your marketing department can pave the way towards your company’s digital transformation.

Employees can apply their digital marketing skills to optimize your customer journey

Digital Marketing Training Allows You to Optimize Your Digital Channels

Corporate training in digital marketing has many benefits, one of which allows you to refine and optimize your digital channels. Digital advancements in marketing have revolutionized the field, providing digital marketers with new ways to achieve better results more efficiently. This includes social media marketing, search engine optimization, and marketing automation, to name a few fields.

Equipping your employees with digital marketing skills means empowering them with new knowledge. Your employees can learn how best to manage and enhance different aspects of your business—including your website, social media accounts, as well as analytics and automation tools. With these new digital marketing skills, your employees can create personalized messages that directly resonate with your leads and customers, contributing to your company’s growth and productivity. 

Digital marketing training can help your team improve their skills and efficiency

Developing Your Employees’ Digital Skills Enhances Communication and Efficiency

Employees with corporate training have an opportunity to develop valuable skills while working on real projects, improving their communication and efficiency through teamwork. In addition to optimizing digital channels, these skills will allow your employees to better adapt to a multi-channel marketing model—where various marketing platforms are used to target leads and customers.

Employees across different departments (i.e. sales, marketing, and customer experience) can use the digital marketing skills gained during their training to stimulate your company’s growth. This results in a digital transformation that is both sustainable and efficient, impacting your company’s infrastructure and performance. 

According to this Digital Transformation Report by corporate leaders and PTC, the top benefits of digital transformation include improved operational efficiency (40%), faster time to market (36%), and meeting customer expectations (35%). By providing your employees with training in digital marketing, you’ll be able to better achieve your digital transformation goals. 

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