Why Google Analytics Is Worth Learning For Your Digital Marketing Career

As the world’s most popular measurement platform, and arguably the world’s most powerful, Google Analytics is a helpful companion to any digital marketer, no matter which domain you work in. 

Whether you need audience insights for ad campaigns or are looking to boost search visibility for certain queries, Google Analytics—or GA as it’s commonly called—will get you the information you need.

The data that GA provides is vital for helping digital marketers create, test, optimize, and improve digital marketing strategies. To discover the many reasons why GA skills should be part of your digital marketing repertoire, read on!

You Can Assess the Effectiveness of Each Digital Channel in GA

As technology evolves and consumer expectations heighten, more and more companies are adopting a multi-channel digital marketing strategy. That means building an online presence on various social media channels and search engines, as well as creating comprehensive strategies for SEO, content marketing, and more.

But how do you assess which of these many tactics has the biggest overall impact? The Traffic section in Google Analytics has the answers. You can examine how many people are visiting key webpages from your Facebook profile, e-newsletter, PPC ads, and more.

GA also indicates what these visitors do on your website: do they immediately leave the page they landed on or do they keep browsing your site? It can also measure which visitors eventually become customers, so you can judge which digital channels are generating the highest ROI.

Website Metrics Are Key in Digital Marketing Careers

A website isn’t something static that you create and then put on the back burner. Successful websites are continuously monitored and optimized over time—after all, the definition of a modern, well-designed website is changing constantly. 

GA’s All Pages report provides in-depth insight into every page of a company’s site. Metrics you can measure include page views, average time on page, bounce rate, exit rate, and more. This data is highly beneficial for those whose digital marketing career involves content marketing or website development, as you can assess what content or which pages perform best. From an SEO perspective, this data can help you figure out which pages you need to optimize in order to drive more traffic.

The ability to monitor your digital marketing efforts will make you an asset in the workplace

GA Is Key for Understanding Your Target Audience

The better you know your company’s target audience, the more successful you’ll be after your digital marketing training. This knowledge can help you create relevant content, select the right ad targeting parameters, create effective email campaigns, and the list goes on.

The Audience section of Google Analytics includes a wide variety of reports that provide insight into your audience demographics (such as age and gender) as well as their interests, location, language, and which devices they use to engage with your company.

Understanding your typical customers is key, and GA can help you along the way

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