What Those In Cybersecurity Training Should Know About AI-Driven Patch Management

Young student with cyber security training using futuristic technology

The use of artificial Intelligence has revolutionized all industries and all fields of work, more so in the cybersecurity field, and it keeps evolving rapidly. Companies are racing to implement AI in their security systems. As cybercriminals continue to prey on vulnerabilities, the cybersecurity community is relentlessly seeking innovative strategies to combat these threats. Among […]

Identity and Access Management: A Guide For Those in Cyber Security Training

A woman who has completed cybersecurity training working at her desk

A company’s data is one of its most prized assets. As many companies transition their daily operations online, it has become imperative for them to safeguard their information to the best of their ability. The cyber security field has emerged from this concern, with many company security frameworks that work together to protect sensitive data. […]

Do You Excel in Math? Why Cybersecurity Training Might be Right For You

A female handwriting in a book during cybersecurity training

Mathematics is a “basic science” that has paved the way for many of the world’s most significant influences and innovations today. And Cybersecurity is one such influence that derives from several concepts of mathematical origin to create a range of digital solutions in use today.  So, if you’re wondering if you need math skills to […]

Understanding The Role of AI in Cyber Security After Career Training

If there’s one thing that the cyberattack surface in modern enterprise environments has taught us, it’s that human intervention in cyber security improvement is inadequate. The scale of attacks is massive and unprecedented, and cybercriminals seem to be coming up with more sophisticated threats with each passing day. Thankfully, information security teams may now lower […]

5 Important Skills You’ll Gain in Cyber Security Training

Organizations and business corporations worldwide are increasingly turning to cybersecurity professionals to help ensure the security and integrity of their data and security systems. With this reality in place, and with modern-day cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated and vicious each day, ongoing training for cybersecurity professionals is more than just necessary, it’s essential. Beyond equipping you […]

How to Facilitate a Simulation Cyber Attack After Cyber Security Training

Simulation cyber attacks are an essential tool for organizations to test and train their employees on responding to real-world cyber threats. By simulating a cyber attack, organizations can assess their current security measures and identify areas for improvement, as well as train employees on how to recognize and respond to potential threats. A key part […]

3 Risk Management Strategies Your Team Can Use After Cybersecurity Corporate Training

Risk management involves identifying risks and strategizing to eliminate or reduce those risks. With the world being in the digital age and many interactions and processes for businesses done on the cloud or digitally, it is imperative to have effective cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is not new, although, with the evolution of hackers and other threats constantly […]

Career Opportunities to Explore After Cybersecurity Training

Did you know that a cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds? The growing convenience of technology has led us to go online for most of our daily needs, including shopping, banking, and communicating. With more and more of our personal data in various places online, there has simultaneously been a growing threat of cyberattacks. Governments and […]