What Is Performance Marketing and How It Works?

A focused male performance marketer working from home after completing his digital marketing course

Marketing strategies in the digital age evolve continuously, introducing more efficient ways to reach consumers and convert leads into sales. In today’s data-driven marketing landscape, the focus has shifted from simply getting your message out there to measuring the actual impact of your efforts. This is where performance marketing comes in. What is performance marketing […]

A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer

A focused digital marketer working in an office after completing her digital marketing course in Canada

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a digital marketer is like? The life of a digital marketer is often romanticized as endless social media scrolling and crafting witty captions. While social media plays a significant role, the reality is far more dynamic and requires a diverse skill set.  The role […]

Top 10 Content Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

A smiling female content marketer after concluding a content marketing interview

Landing a much-coveted content marketing interview is an excellent first step toward a rewarding and potentially fulfilling career. Now comes the crucial part: acing it. Preparing for content marketing interview questions can be daunting.  Whether you’re a novice or an experienced marketer, understanding the questions you might face and how to respond effectively can make […]

Top 10 Most Sought-After Digital Marketing Skills

A smiling digital marketing professional in a home office after completing a digital marketing course online

The digital landscape is evolving, necessitating mastery of top digital marketing skills for career success, whether experienced or new. In this post, we’ll explore the top 10 most sought-after digital marketing skills, exploring what they are, why they’re valuable, and how you can develop them.  The High-Income Potential of Digital Marketing First things first, is […]

4 Entry-Level Marketing Jobs for Recent Graduates

A digital marketing course grad with colleagues

Embarking on a career in marketing is an exciting journey that offers a dynamic and creative landscape for professionals. As a recent graduate, you may wonder where to begin in this vast field. Entry-level marketing jobs are the gateway to gaining the essential experience and skills to thrive in this industry.  What do entry-level marketers […]

Exploring Shock Advertising: Its Role and Effectiveness in Digital Marketing

A smartphone user reacting to shock advertising

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, creating marketing material that stands out among the competition poses a unique challenge. For this reason, we’re exploring shock advertising, a bold and often controversial strategy that aims to grab attention, provoke thought, and drive engagement. As a premier digital marketing institute, Cumberland College BC is at the forefront […]

Paid Media Specialist Job Description

A paid media specialist interacts with a digital analytics interface on her smartphone.

In today’s digital-driven world, a paid media specialist has become increasingly vital for businesses aiming to boost their online presence and drive sales. As companies invest more in digital channels, understanding the nuances of this role, the path to becoming a paid media specialist, and the potential earnings in markets like Canada is essential for […]

Future Marketers Take Note: Why Goal Setting Is Your Secret Weapon in Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a key study focus in our digital marketing course

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, marketing has transformed significantly. Traditional outbound marketing strategies are becoming less effective in today’s world, where consumers are bombarded with advertisements at every turn. This shift has paved the way for the rise of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing has demonstrated its effectiveness as a digital marketing strategy, yet […]

Is Local SEO Dead: The Role It Plays in Today’s Digital Landscape & Your Future Career

A graphic of Google My Business for digital marketing training grads

In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, tactics and strategies constantly undergo scrutiny and re-evaluation. One such strategy that has been a cornerstone for small and medium businesses, local SEO, has recently been the subject of much debate. As a premier digital marketing school, we’re here to address the question on everyone’s mind: Is […]

Embarking on a Career Path in Digital Ads: The Role of a PPC Specialist

A PPC specialist working on her PC after our digital marketing course

Suppose you’re intrigued by the complex nature of the digital marketing landscape and have the organization and time management skills to back up your analytical nature. In that case, a career as a PPC Specialist might just be right for you. PPC specialists play a crucial role in internet advertising, directing campaigns to success through […]