How Courses in Google Analytics Can Help Boost Your Job Prospects

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that gives companies and marketers access to detailed statistics-based data on their website performance and visitors. Using JavaScript page tags, visitor data is sent to Google’s data collection servers. From that information, Google Analytics generates customizable reports that provide insights like the number of site visitors, bounce rate, […]

5 Tips for Using Google Analytics after Earning Your Digital Marketing Diploma

Digital marketers heavily rely on metrics and analytics in order to track the progress of their efforts, becoming indispensable to businesses interested in improving their web traffic and performance. Those who know how to leverage analytical tools and platforms become increasingly popular in the field.  By studying and understanding Google Analytics, you can help businesses […]

How To Grow Your Brand Using Google Search Console in Your Digital Marketing Career

In today’s digital business marketing world, the golden ticket for achieving leads and subsequent conversions is your ability to bring an audience to your website. So how can businesses tell how effective they are at drawing people in with their SEO efforts, and how well their website pages are actually performing once people get there? […]

Google My Business Insights: Why it’s Essential to Digital Marketing Analytics Training

Digital marketers often rely on Google services to generate and track valuable information for businesses. Through Google My Business Insights, digital marketers can better understand a business’s search presence and digital profile—giving them essential information that can be repurposed to improve business operations and marketing efforts.  Those studying digital marketing learn to configure accounts and […]

Why Google Analytics Is Worth Learning For Your Digital Marketing Career

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As the world’s most popular measurement platform, and arguably the world’s most powerful, Google Analytics is a helpful companion to any digital marketer, no matter which domain you work in.  Whether you need audience insights for ad campaigns or are looking to boost search visibility for certain queries, Google Analytics—or GA as it’s commonly called—will […]

3 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Analytics Are Important to Your Digital Marketing Career

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When implementing a digital marketing strategy, knowing how to create high-quality campaigns is only the first part of the equation. The latter part is monitoring, evaluating, and updating your strategy over time. Behind every digital marketing tactic is a wealth of data that signifies the good and the bad, as well as opportunities for improvement. […]