Demographic Targeting Explained for Students in Digital Advertising Training

With billions of internet users constantly searching for new things on Google, it can be difficult to reach your target audience. Demographic targeting serves as a valuable tool that can save time and resources, allowing digital marketers to filter through these billions of users and target those who need or would like to see their […]

What Students in a Search Engine Optimization Course Should Know About Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an integral part of the overall Search Engine Optimization process, used to optimize the site’s infrastructure instead of the site’s content. Here, the site is being optimized for crawling and indexing, though technical SEO can also contribute to increasing search visibility. Those interested in becoming digital marketing experts will need to understand […]

How To Grow Your Brand Using Google Search Console in Your Digital Marketing Career

In today’s digital business marketing world, the golden ticket for achieving leads and subsequent conversions is your ability to bring an audience to your website. So how can businesses tell how effective they are at drawing people in with their SEO efforts, and how well their website pages are actually performing once people get there? […]

Why Search Engine Advertising Is Important to Digital Marketing Careers

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Search engine advertising is an effective marketing technique frequently used by digital marketing professionals. Also called search engine marketing (SEM), this technique can be used to effectively build a business’s brand and customer base in a quick and efficient way. SEM works by directly displaying paid ads among the search results on search engines.  Using […]