Understanding the Impact of Influencer Marketing During Your Social Media Career

With more products and services on the market than ever before, consumers need guidance amidst a stream of new companies seeking to capture their attention. Younger consumers (namely millennials and Gen Z) have presented a unique challenge to marketers as they seem to share a general mistrust of traditional advertising. In fact, one study found […]

4 Tips For Leveraging Social Media After Corporate E-Commerce Training

If you’re a business owner or administrator seeking to accelerate the growth of your company, you’ve likely heard how beneficial social media marketing is for e-commerce sales. With 4.74 billion users worldwide, social media provides the perfect platform for companies to increase their brand awareness, communicate directly with their audience, gain a better understanding of […]

Taking Social Media Courses? 3 Tips for Boosting Your Community Engagement

As social media grows in popularity, more and more businesses are creating accounts to better engage with their audience. In such a crowded space, it can be difficult to connect with your customers and stand out from the competition. For this reason, you’ll want to build a strong community and keep that community engaged with […]

5 Tips for Measuring Social Media Campaign ROI After Social Media Courses

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The concept of ROI may seem overwhelming to truly figure out, especially when it comes to social media. Luckily, you’re not alone. However, determining a social media ROI is essential for the upward growth and progress of any business. Social media courses will give you real-world experience with defining, tracking and analyzing important metrics that […]

5 Industries that Need Your Skills After Social Media Courses

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It’s no secret that social media can help drive business growth—used to attract a target audience, generate engagement, and even cultivate a sense of community and brand personality. Using social media effectively can help a business thrive in a competitive marketplace. These skills make you a desirable addition to any marketing team across a wide […]

Practical Tips for Defining Your Target Audience After Social Media Courses

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A target audience on social media is a specific group of people you want to reach through your social media channels. Having a clear understanding of your target audience is one of the most important assets to any social media marketer. When you know your audience’s needs, you can offer tailored content that helps individuals […]

Tips From Our Expert Instructors: Social Media Advertising with Jonathan Mediati

Social media is an integral part of digital marketing, giving businesses direct access to a community of users who are interested in their products or services. To properly engage with this audience and maximize the potential of these platforms, digital marketers need a strong background in Social Media Advertising. At Cumberland College, you can learn […]

Taking Social Media Courses? Here are 5 Tips for E-Commerce Campaigns

Social media is generally regarded as an active space, where billions of online users interact with each other through different networks and messaging platforms. In fact, GlobalWebIndex revealed that 54% of social browsers research products and services on social media. With these numbers, social media advertising is becoming more lucrative, creating a unique space for […]

Interested in Social Media Advertising Courses? 3 Trends to Watch This Year

Social media advertising is an integral part of digital marketing campaigns, using social media platforms to generate customer interest and more revenue. It can be particularly effective when the target audience of a marketing campaign perfectly aligns with the user demographics of a specific social media platform. Advertising on social media has many benefits, allowing […]