Thank you for completing the online registration form.

Your request will be analyzed and we will send you a training agreement that you will only need to review and sign to confirm registration.

Here are some practical tips to help you maximize your training results:

Class attendance
Class attendance is essential to the success of participants. Be sure to communicate the calendar and schedule of classes to avoid scheduling conflicts and no-shows. Please note that practical exercises occupy an important place in each course.
Plan a well-lit, comfortable and quiet place
Adequate space will support participant learning and maximize results.
Familiarize yourself with the Google Classroom platform and its features (audio/video)
The platform offers several features that aim to facilitate your online learning, we invite you to access it as soon as you receive your Google Classroom invitation. Take this opportunity to ensure that the audio and video functions are working properly.
Explore the course materials before the start of each course
Take advantage of the material available on the platform to prepare for the upcoming course. Each week, the instructors add new material, including suggested readings.
Use course materials to review and/or complete required assignments
The course material is an excellent resource for reviewing in preparation for an assignment or an exam.
Take an active part in the training, your intervention is welcome
By actively participating in training activities, the whole group benefits. In addition, it is a valuable indicator for instructors who must ensure that everyone understands.
Connect with other participants
Although they come from different backgrounds, the participants are all keen on acquiring new skills and sharing between participants will be encouraged throughout the training.
Plan your next training
What are your needs? How far do you want to go? Plan now to acquire new digital skills.
Discuss the training with your co-workers
Discussion with your colleagues could contribute to your success. Indeed, dialogue with those around you is likely to bring to light useful elements for the progression of your learning.
Show your success
Proudly display your certificate of achievement, it testifies to your career and your success. It is also a motivation for all your colleagues.