Basic HTML Programming Course

Work on Real Websites

– Define the scope and objectives of a website design project

– Build wireframes and design templates for web pages

– Code templates to build a website

– Import written, audio, and video content

– Add lists, tables, ecommerce functionality and other elements

– Test sites to ensure quality and functionality

Real Campaigns. Real Tools. Real Skills.​

At Cumberland College, we don’t just train digital marketing professionals – we train experts.

Available as part of an ACS in Digital Marketing or as a standalone course, our Basic HTML Programming course is designed to give you all the tools and skills to step straight into a role in the field after you graduate. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build a working website from scratch
  • Use popular CMS and web design systems like WordPress
  • Create code to change web page layouts, add images and graphics, and more

This practical approach is specifically designed to replicate a real workplace, ensuring you finish your course ready to impress from day one of your career.

Why Study Basic HTML?​

Web technology is dynamic, ever-evolving, and everywhere, which is why programming skills are valuable in many sectors of business today. The tech industry may be the leading employer in this area, but as the majority of the professional world operates online, programming job opportunities are available in many industries.

Basic HTML Programming is a great place to start building up programming knowledge and will equip you to further develop your skills for the job market.

In Cumberland College’s Basic HTML Programming course, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of HTML programming and gain an understanding of how this well-established language fits into the programming world. Through practical exercises, lessons, and projects students will be equipped with in-demand skills to move forward in their careers.

How Basic HTML Programming Expertise Can Help Your Career

Learning HTML programming is comparable to learning a language, and once you learn one you’ll be prepared to learn more and increase the value you can offer employers and clients. Whether you want to start your own business or take on a new role in an established company, the possibilities are open.

As an HTML programmer, you will be ready to build websites, set up and customize WordPress sites, create custom email templates, and more. Job roles that include the HTML skillset range from front-end developer, to website producer, to junior web developer, and more.

Job Titles Include: Webmaster, Junior Web Developer, E-Commerce Coordinator, WordPress Coordinator

Career Outlook: There are over 50 entry-level HTML programming positions listed on Indeed in Montreal, and the average starting wage is $35k-50k/year.

Course Content

The Basic HTML Programming course can be completed in just 15 weeks. Students of this course will benefit from practical instruction by experienced professionals. The course objectives are focused on practical skill development so that students leave the course with real world knowledge and a credential that shows their hard work.

The course covers

Course Modules

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