Developing and retaining a customer base for e-commerce course

Work on Real E-Commerce Projects!

Course Objectives:

Gain the Skills to Develop and Retain Customers for an Online Business

At Cumberland College, our hands-on approach allows students to quickly develop cutting edge e-commerce skills. Available individually or as part of our E-Commerce ACS program, our Understanding, Building, and Retaining a Customer Base course includes different modules. This enables you to gain the skills needed to first define your target audience and then develop a customer base for e-commerce.

Notably, you will learn to::

The practical approach taken in this course will simulate a real work environment, boosting your confidence for when you start your new career or take on new responsibilities.

Why Study All Aspects of a Customer Base When it Comes to E-Commerce?

E-commerce is a great way to quickly acquire new customers. However, to take full advantage of this channel, you’ll need to first determine who the products or services sold online are aimed at. With this information, you can begin taking targeted marketing measures to boost your growth.

By learning the best practices for successfully determining a company’s competitive advantage and target audience as well as managing customer service, you will benefit from a valuable skill set. Using these skills, you can help develop an online store’s sales strategy by broadcasting well-targeted messages online.

How Expertise in Online Customer Loyalty Can Help Your Career

Having skills in e-commerce development is essential, but so is being able to acquire customers and manage customer services. E-commerce professionals with skills in digital marketing and online customer management have a competitive advantage that helps them stand out in the job market.

Course Content

The Understanding, Building, and Retaining a Customer Base course can be completed in just 5 weeks. Students in this course will benefit from hands-on instruction provided by experienced professionals in the field. The course objectives focus on the development of practical skills so that students will gain real-world insights by the end of their training.

The course covers:

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