Digital Marketing Analytics Course

Work on Real Analytics Projects

Set up and configure Google Analytics accounts

– Create Google Analytics Goals and tracking codes

– Customize marketing automation reports and dashboards

– Analyze real advertising campaigns

– Review results from working businesses to make recommendations

Real Campaigns. Real Tools. Real Skills.​

At Cumberland College, we don’t just train digital marketing professionals – we train experts.

Available as part of an ACS in Digital Marketing or as a standalone course, our Digital Marketing Analytics course is designed to give you all the tools and skills to step straight into a role in the field after you graduate. You’ll learn how to:

  • Set goals and generate reports in Google Analytics
  • Measure organic and paid campaigns through Search Console, Facebook Insights, Google Ads Manager, and other platforms
  • Build customized reports and dashboards in HubSpot and other CRM platforms

This practical approach is specifically designed to replicate a real workplace, ensuring you finish your course ready to impress from day one of your career.

Why Study Digital Marketing Analytics?

Analytics has become one of the defining forces of marketing in today’s digital world, and the need for marketing professionals in this area of expertise is now crucial. A professional marketing analyst has the necessary tools to gain insights into consumer behaviour, assess the success of a campaign, and predict future trends. 

If you like working with numbers and collaborating with others, then a career as a Marketing Analyst might be right for you. Cumberland College’s Digital Marketing Analytics course will introduce you to key marketing analytics concepts, and you will get hands-on experience with relevant industry tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, CRM reporting, and more. With knowledge gained from this course, you can offer significant value to any company engaged in digital campaigns.   

How Digital Marketing Analytics Expertise Can Boost Your Career

Whether you are exploring opportunities on a new career path, or you are upgrading your skills to shift into a new role at your current company, Cumberland College’s Digital Marketing Analytics Course will give you the confidence boost and credentials you need to reach your professional aims. 

Students who complete this course will be prepared to work as business analytics leads, online marketing specialists, marketing analytics and performance managers, and many other roles. Your skills will also be applicable in several industries, including commerce, advertising, finance, public relations, and more.

Job titles include: E-Commerce, Specialist, Web Analytics Specialist, Marketing Specialist, Paid Search Specialist SEM/PPC, and Google Analytics Specialist

Career outlook: There are over 150 digital marketing analytics positions listed on Indeed in Montreal, and the average starting wage is $35k-60k/year.

Course Content

The Digital Marketing Analytics course can be completed in just 15 weeks and it is available both in-class and online. Instructors take a practical and interactive approach so that coursework is optimized for students to develop and refine the skills they need for the job market.

The course covers:

Course Modules:

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