Digital Marketing Strategy Course

Work on Real Digital Marketing Strategies

– Create a strategy for a well-known international brand

– Analyze your product mix, competitors, and growth opportunities

– Identify your target audience and create buyer personas

– Define your brand and USP

– Craft a multichannel digital marketing plan through the buyer’s journey

Pitch your strategy to real digital marketing professionals

A Word From Our Instructor

In this video, our instructor Alain Bidjerano, provides an overview of what students will learn in the Digital Marketing Strategy Course.

Real Campaigns. Real Tools. Real Skills.​

At Cumberland College, we don’t just train digital marketing professionals – we train experts.

Available as part of an ACS in Digital Marketing or as a standalone course, our Digital Marketing Strategy course is designed to give you all the tools and skills to step straight into a role in the field after you graduate. You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop multichannel marketing strategies for real companies
  • Analyze the marketplace and identify your competitive advantage
  • Set measurable digital marketing objectives

This practical approach is specifically designed to replicate a real workplace, ensuring you finish your course ready to impress from day one of your career.

Why Study Digital Marketing Strategy?

With rapid developments in technology, heightened consumer expectations, and increased competition online, having a robust digital marketing strategy has never been more important for companies all over the world. In fact, the need for digital marketing professionals is greater than the supply, causing a high demand for digital marketers across a variety of industries.

If you’re interested in a dynamic digital career, Cumberland College’s Digital Marketing Strategy course will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to marketing from a strategic perspective. Through theory and practical exercises, students will develop the skills needed to create a successful digital marketing strategy by learning how to apply data, set marketing objectives, and measure success.

How Digital Marketing Strategy Expertise Can Help Your Career

Whether you’re interested in kickstarting a digital marketing career or are looking for new opportunities in your current field, Cumberland College’s Digital Marketing Strategy Course will give you the tools, knowledge, and credentials you need to achieve your career goals.

Graduates are eligible for coordinator and specialist positions in up-and-coming digital fields such as social media, e-commerce, digital media, and more. You also have the ability to work in advertising, marketing, and public relations agencies after completing the program.

Job titles include: Digital Marketing Specialist, Community Engagement Specialist, Digital Strategic Planner, Marketing Consultant

Career outlook: There are over 70 digital marketing strategy listings on Indeed in Montreal, and the average starting wage is $45-70k/year

Course Content

The Digital Marketing Strategy Course at Cumberland College equips students to lead, create, and innovate in an ever-evolving digital landscape. With a practical approach to learning, students have the opportunity to practice and perfect the most sought-after skills in today’s marketplace. 

The 15-week course will walk you through the process of building a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, from analyzing your audience, to identifying your competitive advantage, to monitoring and optimizing your marketing efforts.

The course covers:

Course Modules:

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