Email marketing software and how mailing lists work course

Work with the Most Used Email Marketing Platforms by Businesses!

Course Objectives:

Develop the Skills to Prepare a Mailing List for Online Businesses

At Cumberland College, our hands-on approach allows students to quickly develop cutting edge e-commerce skills. Available individually or as part of our E-Commerce ACS program, our Email Marketing Software and How Mailing Lists Work course includes different modules. This enables you to develop the skill set needed to promote an online business using email marketing tools.

Notably, you will learn to:

The practical approach taken in this course is designed to simulate a real work environment, boosting your confidence for when you start your new career or take on new responsibilities.

Why Learn About Email Marketing Platforms?

By being inexpensive, personalized, and informative, email marketing campaigns are essential for businesses looking to acquire or even retain new customers.

While learning to master the most popular email marketing platforms in your training, you’ll develop a valuable skill set that enables you to access in-demand jobs in marketing as well as e-commerce.

How Email Marketing Expertise Can Help Your Career

Email marketing is essential for nurturing a relationship between a business and the target audience. Whether it’s used to announce a new product, communicate key information through a newsletter, or send timely and targeted messages, email marketing is a powerful tool that is increasingly relied on for building a list of prospects.

It is one of the most important channels in relational marketing. Having email marketing skills is necessary for those pursuing a career in e-commerce or even in digital marketing.

Course Content

The Email Marketing Software and How Mailing Lists Work course can be completed in just 5 weeks.

Students in this course will benefit from hands-on instruction provided by experienced email marketing professionals. The course objectives focus on the development of practical skills so that students gain real-world insights by the end of their training.

The course covers:

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