Social Media Advertising Course

Work on Real Advertising Projects

– Create your own Facebook Ads account

– Outline a social media advertising strategy

– Draft a Facebook Ad Set for a News Feed Campaign

– Create a Campaign Audience using Facebook Ads manager

– Create a Remarketing Audience using Facebook Ads manager

– Create a Lookalike Audience using Facebook Ads manager

Monitor and optimize a campaign to maximize ROI

A Word From Our Instructor

In the video below, Professor Jonathan Mediati provides an overview of what students will learn in the Social Media Advertising Course:

Real Campaigns. Real Tools. Real Skills.

At Cumberland College, we don’t just train digital marketing professionals – we train experts.

Available as part of an ACS in Digital Marketing or as a standalone course, our Social Media Advertising course is designed to give you all the tools and skills to step straight into a role in the field after you graduate. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms
  • Create defined target audiences
  • Manage budgets, review ad performance and optimize campaigns

This practical approach is specifically designed to replicate a real workplace, ensuring you finish your course ready to impress from day one of your career.

Why Study Social Media Advertising?

Statistics show that 42% of the global population — more than 3 billion people — are active on social media, and typically spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social media networks and messaging platforms. What’s more, 54% of this audience use social media to research products and services.

All of this underlines the impact of social media on modern advertising, and the importance of building campaigns on popular social channels. Social media advertising can help businesses drive traffic to their websites, build awareness for their brand, and increase revenue.

This course will introduce you to the dynamics of advertising across different social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Students will learn how to manage ad campaigns and budgets, target the right audiences, and design and create ads that will get results.

How Social Media Advertising Expertise Can Help Your Career

A course in social media advertising can be an excellent jump-off point for your career in digital marketing. Professionals with expertise in this area can work as social media coordinators, social media managers, social media advertising specialists, digital marketing specialists, and many other roles.

Knowledge of social media advertising can also be helpful to advertising and marketing professionals, communications specialists, and managers in other areas looking to build campaigns to drive engagement and conversions for their organization.

Job titles include: Paid Media Specialist, Facebook Ads Specialist, Paid Media Strategist, Paid Media Analyst

Career outlook: There are over 90 social media marketing listings on Indeed in Montreal, and the average starting wage is $40-50k/year

Course Content

The Social Media Advertising Course at Cumberland College offers practical training to help students plan, build and structure social media advertising campaigns across many social platforms. 

Over a span of 15 weeks, you will learn how to leverage social media platforms to increase brand awareness, how to tailor advertising campaigns to your ideal audience, and how to optimize social media advertising campaigns to generate the highest possible number of conversions.

The course covers:

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