Careers in Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing?

From streaming videos to scrolling through social media platforms, consumers spend many of their waking hours interacting with digital content. The growth of the tech industry and widespread use of connected devices has lead to an overwhelming increase in internet usage, and these numbers are only going up.

What does this mean for the marketing industry? With the rise of digital media comes an increased demand for specialized professionals in the field of digital marketing. Employers all over North America, along with international companies, are creating a variety of jobs in this burgeoning field.

In Canada, the number of job openings in marketing-related careers has been outpacing the number of job seekers in recent years. As we enter a new decade, digital marketing is expected to be a main driver of job growth in this area.

Digital Marketing Careers

Whether you want the credentials to help you move into this industry from another field, or you are refining your skills to enhance your career, Cumberland College graduates will have a multi-faceted skillset and many opportunities.

Possible career paths include:

Graduates will be prepared to start their own businesses or take on roles in advertising agencies, in-house marketing departments, tech companies, communications and PR firms, and digital media companies, among many others. The average Digital Marketing Manager salary is approximately $64,000 CAD (2020). 

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How Digital Marketing Can Enhance Your Existing Career

With hands-on training in digital marketing, you can take the tools and knowledge from your course to excel in your career and secure long-term success. For some, studying at Cumberland College will expand your knowledge of traditional marketing and communication. Others may benefit from the knowledge they gain to help launch or expand a small business, while some may be ready to transform sales skills into marketing expertise.

As a student at Cumberland College, you will not only learn relevant industry skills, you will also learn how to be adaptable and develop your expertise alongside evolving technologies and trends. Digital marketing training can give you the confidence to reach your career goals.

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