Corporate Training in Montreal

Is your business struggling to build its brand in the digital age? Would you like to be able to run your website, social media accounts, and online ad campaigns without having to rely on external agencies? Do you want your employees to have the opportunity to learn new skills in an exciting, forward-thinking environment?

Whether you are a small business or a multinational corporation, investing in digital marketing training for your employees is a win-win for both staff and management. Your employees develop digital skills that can help them make their work more efficient and take on more responsibility to further their careers. Meanwhile, your company gets the benefit of having fully trained, knowledgeable digital marketing professionals on hand whenever you need them.

Real Campaigns. Real Tools. Real Skills.

During their training at Cumberland College, your employees won’t just sit in class listening to lectures. Instead, they’ll cut their teeth working on real digital marketing projects.

Your team could:

All of these activities are done using industry-standard tools and platforms so that students have a chance to familiarize themselves with the software they will be using in their day-to-day work.

The end result? Your employees will learn skills that they can put into action for your company from day one of starting their course, and graduate feeling confident of getting the results your company needs from its digital marketing efforts.

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Build Customized Training Plans for Your Business

Because Cumberland College offers in-depth training in a number of specific areas of digital marketing, your company can easily find the right courses for your employees. You can choose to have them sit our full ACS in Digital Marketing, or choose any of the courses within the program:


Our admissions advisors can speak to you about your company’s objectives and your employee’s skill levels and help you build a training plan that meets your needs. All of our classes can also be taken during the evenings, making it easy for your staff to complete their training without interfering with their work.

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