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Why Study Cyber Security?

Cyber security skills enable professionals to protect the integrity of various platforms, ensure that company operations run smoothly, and reassure customers about the security of their personal data. In the first six months of 2021, ransomware attacks increased by 151% globally. In Canada, the estimated average cost of a data breach is $6.35 million. Cyber security offers excellent career prospects.
Cyber Security
Acquiring cyber security skills is essential if you want to be able to identify cyber risks and effectively combat cyber attacks that are increasingly becoming more sophisticated each year. Cyber security specialists are now present at all levels of an organization—from system design to governance to customer service. Qualified professionals in the field of cyber security are in high demand by large organizations.
At Cumberland College, we are aware of the various challenges related to cyber security. Our ACS in Cyber Security has been carefully designed to ensure that graduates develop a strong ability to identify issues and implement measures that will adequately protect investments and corporate reputations.

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Careers in Cyber Security

The ACS in Cyber Security program serves as your gateway to the world of cyber security, providing you with access to positions in large companies and consulting agencies as well as the opportunity to become a consultant.
Here are a few of the jobs that await you after completing the program:

Our Cyber Security Diploma Program

Cumberland College’s ACS in Cyber Security was created to provide you with a gateway to the world of cyber security. The training is designed to provide you with a solid understanding of cyber security issues and a strong knowledge of the most widespread professional tools through various practical projects.
Offered in English or French, the program covers a wide range of the most common cyber security issues—from identifying cyber incidents to respecting protocols and preventing cyber crime. Here, you’ll be able to benefit from a total of 1200 hours of highly specialized training.
Cumberland College aims to promote access to higher education for all. Eligible Canadian students may receive financial aid from the Quebec Ministry of Education. Meet with our admissions team to determine your eligibility.
Program Information:

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