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Cumberland College has the dual mission of training the best technicians and managers of digital marketing, while collaborating with companies to facilitate their acquisition of new digital talents in times of skilled labour shortages. To that effect, we have set up a unique training program, which allows students to acquire skills in the 9 main spheres of digital marketing.
We invite companies to connect with our student community in order to participate in training the next generation of digital marketing professionals and possibly find candidates to grow your team.

Video presentation of your business

Cumberland College invites you to send us a short video to present your business, wish students success and invite graduates to apply for a role within your company. After approval, the video will be published on our social media and/or our website.
Your video must be no longer than 2 minutes and must be directed specifically to students of Cumberland College. The college reserves the right not to accept any video, at its own discretion.

Service-Career Workshops

These online workshops are offered monthly and cover different ways to prepare for professional integration. We invite employers to participate in order to inform our students about the expectations of employers. Contact us and we will inform you of the calendar of activities and discuss the different formats of participation possible.
Present your company to candidates in training while they are receptive to employment will greatly increase your chances of attracting quality candidates when you post a job offer.

Extracurricular projects and/or contests

Are you able to propose a value-added project for our students? Middle School Cumberland welcomes proposals for extracurricular projects that will enable students to validate their learning, develop their creative skills and communications.

Send us a draft of your project and we will contact you to discuss it.

Participating in student life could allow you to identify the best talents while increasing awareness of your employer brand.

Academic Projects

Each of the courses of the AEC-Digital Marketing training program is composed of lectures, practical exercises and projects, sometimes individual, often in teams. Cumberland College invites businesses to participate in training students in proposing projects accompanied by the equipment and budgets required for its realisation.
Each project will be evaluated by the director of studies and the instructors involved. The company must demonstrate the quality of the equipment provided and undertake to pay all budgets required to complete the project, including project approval fees. The participation of your company in academic projects must meet the requirements of the training, thus the college reserves the right not to accept any project.

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