Align Your Team’s Customer Service Skills with Today’s Consumer Needs with Cumberland College

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, providing exceptional customer service has become increasingly important for companies looking to stay competitive and meet the changing needs of consumers. At Cumberland College, we understand the importance of aligning your team’s customer service skills with today’s consumer needs. We offer a range of programs and resources to help […]

How Courses in Google Analytics Can Help Boost Your Job Prospects

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that gives companies and marketers access to detailed statistics-based data on their website performance and visitors. Using JavaScript page tags, visitor data is sent to Google’s data collection servers. From that information, Google Analytics generates customizable reports that provide insights like the number of site visitors, bounce rate, […]

Starting a Digital Marketing Program? A Quick Guide to Maximizing Ad Spend

As organic reach becomes increasingly tougher for brands to achieve, more and more of them are turning towards paid advertising. A survey by Hootsuite found that social media advertising is the most popular form of digital advertising, with 71% of surveyed businesses using it.  The underlying fear for businesses still struggling to get by with […]