4 Ways Corporate Training in Digital Advertising Helps Your Team Create Dynamic Content

Today’s business landscape is experiencing a shift, as more companies become reliant on technology to work remotely and more communication happens online. If your business is having a hard time staying afloat while catching up with these changes, you’re not alone. The quality of a business’ brand, social media, website and online ad campaigns have […]

How to Boost Visual Content With Corporate Training in Digital Advertising

It’s no secret that digital marketing is a dynamic field, especially as new technology and trends continue to influence how the industry evolves. In the last several years, one of the biggest changes to the digital marketing field has been the growing prevalence – and importance – of visual content for businesses and their brands. […]

Considering Search Engine Advertising For Your Business? How Corporate Digital Training Can Help

corporate training in digital advertising

Search engine advertising is an important strategy for businesses big and small. Search engine marketing provides a huge opportunity for potential exposure, increased brand awareness, and targeted traffic to your website. All of these, when done at the right time with the right content, can lead to widespread business growth. Cumberland College’s corporate training program […]

Considering Digital Advertising for Your Business? Try Pay Per Click Coaching for Your Employees

Search engine advertising is growing in relevance as more companies explore new opportunities in the field. Here, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is particularly popular, becoming a way for businesses to reach target audiences more effectively while increasing revenue.  Through corporate training in digital marketing, employees can develop valuable skills that take your business to the next […]